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Addison's Disease Board Index, I am in the process of being tested for various causes of my Adrenal Fatigue symptoms, including (especially !) fainting spells / Addisons disease Crisis. One of my symptoms is tinnitus.

During the end of 2012 my symptoms became chronic. I mean, I couldn't go to the gym, my knees hurt so bad. I couldn't do the laundry, I felt so weak. etc. Those things are no fun, but what really got me were fibromyalgia symptoms of pain in my chest, neck (and knees). I didn't want to take pain killers. I saw a chiropractor, that helped the neck pain. Then I saw an acupuncturist, which was a very smart move, it turns out.

Acupuncture costs about 100$ a session, each session lasting about 45 min. In my case, I got a "deal" off of Amazon, then got a Xmas prez from my Mom of a half a dozen sessions. They were running a Xmas sale for half price, so I gave my Mom the hard sell that she should get me some for my Xmas gift and she did !! Yay!

Even if you only go in for the 1st session where they diagnose you (and give you the first treatment) its worth it. In my case, part of my "selling points" to my Mom were that she knows very well I have a life time history of fainting spells that started pre-puberty. And the pain and fatigue were really getting to me. (and Tinnitus, I also mentioned that a few times --lol)

So : the point is, get diagnosed. Every case is different, so you cant over generalize and shouldn't, that is against the tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, unlike western medicine, there at least is some hope of a cure and a rational diagnosis. Usually Tinnitus is considered a symptom of Adrenal Fatigue. They will recognize your Adrenal Fatigue by listening to the pulses and checking the energy meridians. The Adrenals are part of the Kidney Meridian.

I have not found an "antidote" to the Tinnitus, but : there are a number of Chinese Meds which do help my symptoms. These are for the kidneys. They help metabolise electrolytes, so that you aren't becoming dehydrated. Being dehydrated means that you are actually not keeping the correct salt/potassium/calcium balance, which is a kidney problem. This also stabilizes the Adrenals.

I use Psuedostellaria 9, by 7 Forests brand. I mention the brand because every brand has its own formula and they can vary slightly, which is not always an advantage. This formula is made with Pseudostellaria herb, which helps you retain your electrolytes in a stable way. This is just one example, I take about a half a dozen formulas and herbs.

The main drawback is that these cures treat "chronic" symptoms but have not been able to prevent the "crisis". (unfortunately). Either I am going to have to work something out with my Endocrinologist, or find a better acupuncturist--lol I do a lot of my own research, so that I don't have to go into debt over my illness, but you can find very swanky Chinese Medicine practitioners out there, who also offer massage, as well as herbal therapy and a variety of other antidotes.

There are legends of so called "Chi- Masters" in China (and some who have come to the new world) who can heal you directly with their hands alone, they don't even need acupuncture needles. They supposedly do this by something called "Nei - Gong" which is a form of Internal Alchemy. Its a very ancient secret practice (ie: internal medicine, but also with yoga and Tai-chi). I am not totally clear on how it works, but it has to do with directing the positive and negative poles of energy. Try doing an internet search for "Nei -Gong" sometime, its fascinating. However, I have read about a half dozen books about it, none of which really explain how it is achieved.


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