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I recently had an ACTH stim test because my endo suspected that I might have adrenal insufficiency.

History: Type 1 diabetic for 30 years, hypothyroid (hashimoto's) since early 90's. All under good control. Labs were just drawn and everything is in range.

Symptoms: Fatigue/exhaustion, aching joints/muscles, tingling/numbness in feet and hands, constipation, dizzy/lightheaded/blackout upon standing or stretching, recurrent yeast infections. General feeling of being "ill." Have had symptoms since my pre-teen years, but doctors usually won't take them seriously. Seems to be getting worse in the last 3-5 years.

During extreme stress (physical and emotional,) I also get depression and anxiety. Anytime I am sick with a stomach bug that involves vomiting, I get severely dehydrated and require IV fluids and sometimes hospitalization. Recently I was also diagnosed with other inflammation-related issues including rosacea, food allergies, and seasonal allergies.

First she did the blood tests. These were performed at about 6pm:
ATCH bld was 7 (range is 8-42)
Cortisol bld was 2.3 (pm range is .9-15.8)

She said that my Cortisol level was a little low and that we should do the ACTH stim test.

I had this one performed about a week later in the morning around 9am:
Cortisol Basal: 7 (am range is 3.4 to 26.9)
Cortisol 30 min: 19.9
Cortisol 60 min: 25.2

The notes on the results say, "A peak value of at least 18 ug/dL is a normal response to cortrosyn stimulation."

So I guess they are saying the results are in range. I have been reading about secondary AI on this forum, though, and thought these results could possibly indicate that. I also read that secondary AI is less common in patients with other autoimmune diseases (usually we get primary AI,) but I found a small study that found correlation between autoimmune disease and secondary AI.

Also, potassium and sodium levels are in range. Blood pressure runs just slightly low -- 110/70 or so.

No comments from the doctor (yet.)

Your thoughts? Any advice on how to proceed?

Thank you.

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