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Then perhaps then I'll get a second opinion from one of my former endos about the ACTH Stim test. I didn't fill the cortisol scrip from my primary MD .. he said I would feel better but that he wouldn't allow me on it for more than the 10 days .. he didn't want my adrenals to start depending on it and was worried about osteoperosis and diabetes with long-term use. In October 2011 I did a major steroid infusion therapy (10,000 mg IV for 3 days, then taper from 60mg orally to 0mg over 3 months). They were trying to jump start my immune system to see if I felt better, because no one can understand why I still can't function after so many years on thyroid hormone and trying so many different combinations of thyroid hormone. In the end, the steroid infusions didn't help. But I can't tell if the steroids made me feel better because during this time my Hashi's shifted to Grave's so I was all over the map with thyroid symptoms. It was the most hideous time of my life symptom-wise.

While my endo was taking his nap during my Question/Answer period about my lab results, at the end, I sighed and said, "What you've told me, and what every endocrinologist has told me, is 'I can get you in range. That is what I can do for you.'" (Meaning TSH.) I asked him, "Am I the only patient you have in TSH range who cannot function, or am I just an anomaly." He said that he had other patients like me, that I was not an anomaly. So I left his office. What else can he or any endo do for me, as long as they see my TSH in range and they rule out all other diseases they know about?

I am well versed on FT3, RT3, iron, adrenals, etc. etc. I am working on those angles as well, as I've never really gotten my iron in good range. But I just wanted to rule out any adrenal problem other than a little sluggishness or overactive perhaps.

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