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For more info .. I was fasting for the baseline cortisol and ACTH. I ate food after the ACTH injection, so was not fasting for the 30m and 60m cortisol tests. I may have also been on .5 mg Ativan, which could have lowered the adrenal response?

My doctor did other adrenal-related tests, including Aldosterone, Plasma Renin, 21-Hydroxylase Ab (negative), 17-Hydroxypregneneolone, Chromogranin-A, and Metanephrines Plasma. He didn't have any concern about my adrenal health, but since I have been so sick and my ACTH Stim test wasn't picture-perfect, I wondered if this was worth looking into.

At this point I feel like any endo will have the same reaction as mine did. Unless you have obvious Addison's or Cushing's, they are uninterested in digging further. It seems one could be mildly adrenal insufficient but not sure if the ACTH Stim test would shed light on this. Saliva test pending. My primary doctor game me a 10-day px of Cortisol but it seems unnecessary unless I really know what I'm doing. I want to feel healed overall, not just a 10-day fix.

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