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About two months ago, I had mentioned to my personal trainer that I was feeling very tired with low blood pressure. This had been going on for a couple months, on and off every couple of weeks. He mentioned that it could be cortisol-related.

I went home and did a lot of researching about the issue and found that I matched a lot of the symptoms of low cortisol. I went in to see my doctor a couple days later. When I mentioned that I thought it was low cortisol, he said that the adrenal glands usually do the job and that it probably wasn't that. He tried to prescribe me anti-depressants which I declined, and then ran a few blood tests, along with an AM only cortisol test (it was about 11AM).

The test came back with a level of 17mg/dL of cortisol taken at 11AM. However, he said my blood sugar was 54 which was very low. Also, my Vitamin D was below normal ranges. Some other counts were off, but nothing that really pointed to anything that could be causing what I was feeling.

I took a multivitamin for a few weeks. I had also been congested in the back of my throat for two months, so I went back to see the doctor if he could do anything about that. He determined it was a sinus infection, and prescribed Cerfuroxime for two weeks to get rid of the congestion. I asked if that could help my fatigue to which he said it could help.

So I finished the two week round of antibiotics, and now it's two weeks later and I still feel horrible. Here's the main things that I am experiencing. I really don't feel depressed and feel like I enjoy life a lot.

- Inability to wake up for work. I wake up around 9AM, and feel like I haven't slept at all. I previously had to wake up around 5AM to get everything done in the morning

- Feeling of drowsiness through the morning, up until noon. Sometimes like today it will last all day.

- Extremely low blood pressure while standing. This starts around 2PM every day and lasts until around 5PM. I usually don't fall down and just black out, but recently I fell because after standing up and injured my knee.

- Fluctuations in appetite, I will eat a TON of food with out gaining any weight (5-6 meals a day), but I exercise a lot so this isn't super concerning. My weight is contstant.

- Itchy red eyes when I wake up

- Exhaustion when sitting, feels like I should lay down but not low blood pressure

- Hypoglycemia, my blood sugar is really low in the mornings, and then again in the evenings before dinner. Between that it feels fine but I don't do regular testing on this to know for sure.

Also I am 20 years old male and a competitive cyclist. I eat very healthy foods (although a lot to keep up my activity). I live at a high altitude (7,400ft).
Hi there,

It's been awhile since your post, and I've been wanting to respond to your concerns, but I ran into my own health challenges over the past few weeks so didn't have it in me to write to you. How are you doing?? If you're doing better and feel as though you've got some "answers" or insights into what you've got going on, then I won't reply with much ... and I'm happy to hear you're improving.

Are you still not feeling well?? Same symptoms as in last post?

You may not want to hear this, but if you've got any degree of Adrenal Fatigue or Adrenal Insufficiency going on, I strongly advise you to scale back on your exercise regime. It's sounds like your body is pooping out and is giving you subtle clues. It's tired and is wanting you to rest more. That is why you're tired in the morning. Both hypoglycemia and low blood pressure are symptoms of weak adrenal function, and the way to restore adrenal function before it's too late is through rest, rest, and rest. And also with a good diet, and a happy, positive, peaceful state of mind.

You are far too young to have all of this, and if you make a few lifestyle choices now, you will save yourself in the future. Trust me on this. I'm 41 years old and was very healthy (so I thought) until the age of 35. Looking back and figuring out how I ended up so ill with Adrenal Failure, it was due to "burning myself out" with stress; exercise, diet, too much sugar and coffee, not enough rest, etc.

Anyway, I won't babble too much, but if you suspect something is not right with your adrenal glands... do NOT rely on your General Doctor. You really need to see an Endocrinologist. Unfortunately, even many endocrinologists are somewhat in the dark about adrenal gland health, and I can practically guarantee you that most regular physicians know very little about adrenals either. As sad as this is, given that these are the glands in our bodies that produce all of our life-sustaining hormones, you would think that ALL doctors would/should know about them. Adrenal hormones are absolutely vital for life... period. But if you mention the word to the common person, they have no idea what you're talking about.

I will go to my grave, never having understood how this could be.

Lastly, I highly recommend a great book, Adrenal Fatigue; The 21st Century Illness. The authors last name is Wilson... a very basic and easy read, but with TONS of valuable.

Take care of yourself and PLEASE listen to your body. I wish I had when I was your age because believe me, living with Adrenal Insufficiency or Addison's Disease is a very different life than what you're currently used to.

Be well...

Mollie :)

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