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I have T1 diabetes since I was 14. My nan had Addison's in her sixties, and her mother had hyperthyroidism, and my father had Lichen Sclerosus! Yea what brilliant genes I have :( Nothing on my mum's side. So...I'm worried I have now developed Addison's, as part of Polyendocrine disease. I am seriously hoping this is not the case...but i need advice. I have been seeing a Rheumatologist for my problems, and she ran a morning Cortisol test...I do not know the result but was told it was "normal"..I don't know if it was at the lower end though. I was very stressed that day so would expect it to be at least in the middle range! So until I know this, I cannot make a judgement on whether it was normal for me or not. My symptoms include hypotension (i see lots of stars upon standing for quite some time), exhaustion, light headed-ness, twitching and tremors, muscle weakness, nausea and tummy problems, feeling very shakey. Lately I am worried because I have developed freckling on my hands which seems strange and a very "black" freckle on my knuckle and under my arm pit...No obvious pigmentation of creases or scars though. I am also urinating alot...maybe i am drinking more? I cannot really tell but I seem to be passing water by the buckets! Maybe I am being paranoid but it is odd. My diabetes is fully under control...advice? Can you still have Addison's but have "normal" morning Cortisol? Thanks!

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