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I take a generic cortisol replacement. Hydrocortisone. I have had the
Dexamethasone IM before, when I had extreme BP dropping issues with Adrenal Crisis.

Three days worth of injections, worked, but those shots hurt like a Mother! Even days after, like you've been kicked by a horse! Did you take yours IM? They have it in oral as well. What was the bad news with it?

I keep vials of it for emergency. Although I haven't used it yet, as usually taking a stress oral dose of hydrocortisone works, as long as it reaches my stomach. Afraid to do the shots. Had an episode today and my 14 yr old daughter had to help me off the floor when my bp bottomed out. Gave me a stress oral stress dose and put me on the couch. Still feeling wiped. Thinking about contacting my physician on Monday to get the Dexamethasone oral refilled. Have a hard time keeping my salt level up.

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