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Thanks so much for responding. It really helps to hear from others who are also faced with the challenges of this condition. You asked if I take Fludrocortisone, and yes, I take it twice daily. I still have extreme thirst & crave tons of salt. I feel like I'm drinking fluids all of the time, especially for the first part of the day. This could also be due to my blood sugar dysregulation. I would imagine that I may be headed for diabetes.

I was thinking of talking to my endo about Metformin awhile ago, but then I read a lot about it, and also read on many blogs that it can often cause hypoglycemic reactions.. as it's a medicine given to diabetics (so lowers blood sugar). Do you have diabetes? And if not, have you found that it lowers your blood sugar? That part makes me a bit apprehensive.

But I would be so happy if this could help in preventing the blood sugar drops.

Thanks again for your response...

Take care,
I don't have diabetes. My insulin resistance, blood sugar problem only got bad after the adrenal insufficiency. And, I would only get low blood sugar from fasting (ie., between meals, overnight). From what I understand a diabetic can have the insulin changes at any time, and it is quite different.

I read the same thing about Metformin lowering blood sugar and thought the same as you - that my blood sugar is already too low. Apparently, a lot of the bad symptoms are from the rapid change/drop not the absolute level. The effect should be that the Metformin stabilizes the blood sugar.

I felt like I was in this really bad situation with the insulin sensitivity putting stress on cortisol, so it couldn't stabilize. I couldn't get better; I didn't sleep well. After the Metformin worked, I stopped having the cortisol ups and downs, and I've been able to improve.

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