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No my endo didn't mention anything about needing to increase cortisol, and until reading your comment I didn't realise they were antagonists! That's interesting, I may read up a bit more on it and maybe ask my endo about it when I see him in a couple of months. I'm on a starting trial dose of 25mg daily of DHEA (endo said the normal dose is 25-50mg). I haven't actually started it yet cos I'm still waiting for the chemist to have it ordered in, but will start in the next week. How much were you taking and how much of a difference do you think it made?

I was diagnosed when I was 8, but had symptoms for quite some time before that. I'm on 15mg Hydrocortisone at the moment (10 in the am, and 5 at 1pm) but I was on a lot more until recently. My new endo thinks I have been on too much for a while judging by my weight gain and low energy etc. I think the lower dose has improved my daily well-being so thats a nice change! I would be interested in trying prednisone at some point in my life. What are you on?

And I can relate on the emotional stress - very busy with studying, flatmates, a family bereavement, a breakup, missing home, past life/experiences catching up with me, and poor health - extremely fatigued and constant headaches along with a bunch of other annoying symptoms. So yes I am trying to take care of myself and it truely does work (the only problem is you need the energy to take care of yourself, which until now I didn't have and even now is limited). Hope you're looking after yourself too!

Take care :)
Hi Mollie, thought I'd send you an update now that I've been on the DHEA for a few weeks. I definitely do feel so much better - far more energy, the sense that I can accomplish what I set out to do in a day, and happier. But like you, I can't be completely sure that it is the DHEA as I also started taking women's multi vits a few days after and that was when I noticed a difference. So perhaps I was just deficient in one of the vitamins that the multi-vit is giving me. Either way I want to continue on both the DHEA and multi-vits (I also take berocca and omega 3 depending on how demanding my day will be). Although maybe its just that my stressors have decreased a wee bit so maybe being happier is just a response to my life. Its interesting to think about.

Yes I'm surprised at how little HC I can be on too. I was always on around 30mg and drs thought I needed more than the average Addisonian my age and size cos I always had such dramatic symptoms if my dose ever dipped a bit lower - though we changed it almost every 3-6months for several years cos I also had symptoms of too little then too much, such a fine line. But it seems the older I've gotten, the less I can get away with for some reason (maybe just cos Ive stopped growing?). But its crazy how much of a difference taking one less pill makes to my attitude towards Addisons, let alone half my original dose, so I love it!
And as great as it would be if my adrenals still worked a bit, I don't think thats the case unfortunately. I can't remember what tests they were exactly, but a few months after being diagnosed, I went into hospital for a day of adrenal testing to check if they could stimulate any cortisol response and the results were that I definitely had primary addisons. Also one time when I was 13 or so, I forgot 3 doses in a row (night, morn, lunch) and I was in complete agony until the pills kicked in. And if I ever missed one, I got a quite severe headache, though that has subsided a bit depending on what kind of day I'm having. And like you, around the time the dose is due I'll notice a slight headache or something coming on, check the time and realise I'm due for one. In a funny way, its been quite a good reminder for me, especially when I was younger and not paying attention to the clock so much. Also I think that after 12 years of taking sufficient HC, I would have suppressed the adrenals so they would stop naturally producing any cortisol as thats what I've read happens. That you can cause addisons by being on long term cortisol etc. But at the same time, I sometimes wonder if it is remotely possible the adrenals could have recovered to a certain extent allowing me to reduce my dose (and wishfully dreaming of fully overcoming addisons and being cured haha).
Thankyou for your life advice, I don't want to slow down too much because I still want to live and I'm starting to realise what addisons limits me from, so I try not to let it limit me from living my daily life. Also its when I give myself a break and chill out that I start to pay attention to all the ways it is affecting my health (and therefore life) and thats when I start to feel a bit frustrated and down. And while I'm not slowing down in my life, I do take very good care of myself otherwise... I exercise (now that I have energy again yay), eat extremely well, dont smoke etc, try to have plenty of sleep, and the second I get sick I take extra pills, load up on natural remedies and tuck myself into bed.
How are things for you? Has anything got better? Have you researched ways to gain healthy weight through diet? I'm sure there are plenty of suggestions a little more reasonable than just "eat more". Types of foods, when to eat etc. Might help with your BGL too. I'm quite a believer in diet and getting a lot of anti-oxidants etc from food. I favour non-processed food which is much better to eat large amounts of.
Hope you are well :)

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