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No my endo didn't mention anything about needing to increase cortisol, and until reading your comment I didn't realise they were antagonists! That's interesting, I may read up a bit more on it and maybe ask my endo about it when I see him in a couple of months. I'm on a starting trial dose of 25mg daily of DHEA (endo said the normal dose is 25-50mg). I haven't actually started it yet cos I'm still waiting for the chemist to have it ordered in, but will start in the next week. How much were you taking and how much of a difference do you think it made?

I was diagnosed when I was 8, but had symptoms for quite some time before that. I'm on 15mg Hydrocortisone at the moment (10 in the am, and 5 at 1pm) but I was on a lot more until recently. My new endo thinks I have been on too much for a while judging by my weight gain and low energy etc. I think the lower dose has improved my daily well-being so thats a nice change! I would be interested in trying prednisone at some point in my life. What are you on?

And I can relate on the emotional stress - very busy with studying, flatmates, a family bereavement, a breakup, missing home, past life/experiences catching up with me, and poor health - extremely fatigued and constant headaches along with a bunch of other annoying symptoms. So yes I am trying to take care of myself and it truely does work (the only problem is you need the energy to take care of yourself, which until now I didn't have and even now is limited). Hope you're looking after yourself too!

Take care :)

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