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Hi everyone.

Here is the info. (normal range in brackets)
1mcg of cosyntropin injected.

Stimulation Test
9:44 am (PRE) 3.0 (0.0 – 10.1) pmol/l
10:33 am (POST) 2.4 (0.0 – 10.1) pmol/l

9:44 am (PRE) 363 (170-720 in the am) nmol/l
10:33 am (POST) 257 (170-720 in the am) nmol/l

Separate (not done by endocrinologist) ---- Thyroid
Dec. 2010 TSH = 0.83 (0.30-5.6) MU/L
Feb. 2012 TSH = 0.41 (0.30-5.6) MU/L
Jun. 2012 TSH = 0.40 (0.30-5.6) MU/L
Sept. 2012 TSH = 0.31 (0.30-5.6) MU/L
T4 Free = 10.7 (7.2-21.0) pmol/l
Free T3 = 4.5 (2.9-6.0) pmol/l

Do you think that these results mean anything? I have quadruple checked the bloodwork and it is not a mistake that my cortisol actually dropped from PRE to POST ACTH injection. Do you think this could be a lab mistake? Even if the tubes were switched - it did not exactly double. I think it is a bit weird. I never had a followup appt, I had to switch family dr's soon after the test so really had no followup with these issues with anyone, and I did not get the records until recently.

Thank you in advance for any insight!

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