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Low acth?
Sep 19, 2013
I am looking for some help in interpreting what exactly results mean. I am seeing a doctor in Boulder Colorado and due to the recent flooding he is going to be out for several weeks and I would like to get a basic idea of what I'm looking at. I had a base cortisol taken and then an acth stimulation test.

My Results:

ACTH 7.8 pg/mL (Ref: 10-60 pg/mL) - LOW

Baseline Cortisol 5.9 ug/dL (Ref: 1.7-14.1 ug/dL) - NORMAL

30 Minute Cortisol 17.8 ug/dL (Ref: 1.7-14.1 ug/dL) - HIGH

My doctor found empty sella syndrome on my most recent MRI (appears as though my pituitary gland is missing or smashed) which prompted him to do the test along with countless symptoms.

Any insight into what these values mean in the bigger picture of things would be greatly appreciated.

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