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I have 2 issues that are becoming harder and harder to live with; sleeping through the night and tinnitus. I've had problems with both for quite awhile, but both have recently become horrific and I'm wondering if anyone else is suffering with these?

I wake up every night about 3-4 hours after going to sleep & feel slightly headachy & nauseated. I cannot go back to sleep until I take some cortisol, and sometimes that totally wakes me up. When I try to go back to sleep without the cortisol, it never works. So I've tried taking my last dose of cortisone later in the eve, in hopes of it getting me through the night, and then I can't get to sleep. I'm at a loss with this and am wondering if anyone else has similar issues? Sleep deprivation has resulted in my loss of employment and inability to get out of bed in the morning.

Secondly, does anyone else have tinnitus? Is this common with Addison's? I would imagine that they're closely related, as I believe that tinnitus is excessive adrenaline coursing through your system. some things I read say that it's high cortisol, and others say that it's high adrenaline DUE TO LOW cortisol.. this illness and these meds are such a balancing act.

Sure would be nice if they would come out with some sort of device where we could test our cortisol levels.

Thanks very much for reading & for any suggestions..


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