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Were you just diagnosed? Are you on hydrocortisone, on an adequate dose (doesn't sound like it), and on a mineralcorticoid to keep you adequately hydrated and your BP up? You sound unstable with this, and early on, it can be tricky and take some time to get your med doses figured out. Most people take hydrocortisone 3 times a day with bigger dose in AM, then smaller doses in afternoon and evening totalling 30-50 mg/day. Some people need mineralcorticoid med along with the glucocorticoid to prevent dehydration, stabilize fluid and electrolytes, blood sugar and BP. I hope you are working very closely with your endocrinologist, as it sounds like you are not doing very well just yet and need help to get your doses and meds "tweaked" to the optimal levels for you. I would expect to be on phone at least with Dr. several times a week intially until you are feeling better. Never heard of the gold turning fingers black, but leg pain, loss of appetite, weakness are all signs of inadequate treatment.

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