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[QUOTE=dhd4;5289242]Ashaner, if your doctor isn’t checking sodium levels then he/she knows nothing about Addisons. You should unquestionably, have it checked. The adrenal glands regulate sodium. Normal range is 136-145. Anything below 120 is very dangerous. The first time I was taken to the ER my sodium was at 114! Turns out I should have been dead or in a coma. I don’t mean to scare you, just make sure they’re checking it! Hope your tests turn out well and it’s nothing chronic like Addisons. Although it is manageable, it can be Very Difficult and Painful at times. Not to mention the fear of life-term steroid effects. If you don’t mind me asking…why do you believe you may have Addisons…also, let me know how it turns out?? :)[/QUOTE]

I'm not sure what they will know from the blood work. But, I had ACTH (not stim with I think would probably be helpful?), AntiAdrenal AB, 21-Hydroxalase. Still waiting on results from those and if my doctor even know what to look for I have no idea. I should know the results by Monday or tuesday *crossing fingers*

We know my Adrenals are very exhuasted/fatigue, whatever you want to call it. My doctor told me that they are Stage 7 which is the worst it can get. Based on a Cortisol 24 hour Saliva test. But, now from another group i don't even know if that is valid because they don't go by stages??? I've had symptoms for years.... hypoglycemia, low blood pressure always- only was scary low when I had my last child, dizziness, weakness, extreme fatigue, headaches, blurry eyes, memory problems, can't breath problems, stomach problems (sensitive to all sorts of foods probably because my immune system is down because my adrenals are down??) all these symtpoms have gotten much worse over the last few months. For the last few days I have had flank pain that won't go away, constipated too if that has anything to do with anything. I'm just frustrated with not knowing and going from doctor to doctor who finds different things wrong but no real answer. This last one is a functional medicine doctor who specializes in hormones but I know I need a Good Endo for sure. This Doctor can probably only help me to an extent and he says if it is Addison's he will just up my "natural" supplement dosage....which doesn't seem right!! I'm just tired of not knowing and want a real doctor who knows what they are doing with this and can help me. So, for now I'll just wait on the results and go from there. Thanks for your response!

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