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Hi I wonder if you could help me. I've been struggling with a variety of symptoms for years now all which have gotten worse with time. Endo ran some bloods and found I have low cortiol had two stim tests failed first okay second. So no diognosis but plenty problems.

Does this sound anything like addisons
Symptoms cycle round each week , bad headaches, sore neck over sensetive fingers that peel , breathless and mid back ache, rashes itchy skin pain and bloating in abdomen bladder issues swings from urgency to can't pee, bowel issues swings from constipated to hurried movement through bowel and pale coloured, incredible pain in lower back hips and left thigh very sore feet nausea loss of appetite then ravenous hunger, thirst , mood swings, always feel tired heavy and week, can hardly keep eyes open some days especially after eating main meal. Other days im up till 2 just dont feel ready to sleep yet , think thats it ......

So what do you think?

One thing I mentioned to my GP some time back was adding salt to my plate for some reason...........I see craving salt is mentioned on the forum.

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