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Hi, Iím hoping some people can hopefully give me some advice please regarding treatment. My history: Iím 30, diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency via an insulin tolerance test. I have borderline low hypothyroidism, low prolactin. No cysts. I am 40kg, 5ft tall so I am very petite.
I currently take hydrocortisone after each meal 8am-4mg, 12m-4mg, 3.30pm-4mg, 8pm- 3 mg. I have to take my medication following food to reduce the intensity of the spike. I also cannot tolerate more than 5mg at one time without getting awful side effects of anxiety and panic when the tablet peaks in my blood at 30mnutes. Each dose I take only lasts around 2.5-3 hours.

I feel like I am swinging all day every day. I am still so fatigued, have very bad dizziness and brain fog, light sensitivity, blurred vision, weak and achy. However if I take any more than I do I get awful side-effects. I find he tablet peaks at 30 minutes but i start to feel achy weak, hypoglycaemic, nauseous by 2 1/2 hours. I am also finding that during my menstrual cycle I have extreme dizziness and weakness and cannot leave my house. Can anyone give me any help here please?

I have lo blood pressure t 90/45 when i last checked, i also cannot tolerate many carbohydrates because my blood glucose pikes very high at 1 hour post eating and drops every low by 2 1/2-3 hours.

Iíve not had to set up a backup carer to help when am unwell because i am on my own with 2 young children. I seem to also get pain in my left adrenal area which actually only started once i had commenced steroids. Thank you
Unfortunately I think it may be a case of upping your hydrocortisone levels as dizziness is a classic sign of not being on enough hydrocortisone. With regards to borderline hypothyroidism I would suggest you get checked out very regularly as you have a lot of the classic symptoms of this I have both addisons and hypothyroidism so know the symptoms. Sorry I cant suggest more help than that but what I suggest you do first is get re-tested for hypothyroidism as this can affect the way addisons meds are too
Really hope this helps as I remember in the early days of having addisons and feeling the same way.


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