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Hi there...

Does anyone else suffer with severe hypoglycemia? I would imagine I'm on the way to diabetes. My blood sugar readings are not diabetic in range, but I have every symptom of diabetes, and my days and nights revolve around food, extreme sugar cravings, tons of fluids, etc. I'm 5'4 & weigh 85 lbs and no matter what I eat, I cannot gain an ounce. Over the past several months, my vision has gotten very blurry and my feet are tingly all of the time. I NEVER sleep through the night.. wake with varied symptoms of both low blood sugar and low cortisol, but if I take more cortisone, I can't sleep. It's a vicious circle and my health maintenance has become full-time job .. only 42 years young, unable to work as energy levels are so unpredictable. My endocrinologist doesn't say much other than "watch your sugar and carb intake", and "increase your cortef" ... I've thought about switching to prednisone or medrol to give me more even steroid coverage, and perhaps this too would help with the erratic blood sugar.

Any thoughts or suggestions??

Thanks so much for anything anyone can share.


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