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I suspect I may have one of these. Here are my symptoms.....

Iíve been noticing some symptoms for a while now, but they have been getting progressively worse. They include facial flushing, wounds and bruises slowly healing, , memory problems, excessive hunger and thirst, randomly becoming allergic to a ton of foods that never bothered me before, vertigo, acne, blurry vision, water retention, dizziness, disoriented, , headaches, backaches, nausea, GI issues (all of the most common ones) night sweats, dry skin.
(I separated this part to explain it better). I also have really bad fatigue and what I suspect to be blood sugar issues along with sleep issues, waking up feeling exhausted even after sleeping a lot. It will usually take me a ton to get going when I wake up (this is amplified x10 after eating too much sugar. It will be so bad that I will sleep 20+ hours. If I donít force myself up it has been up to 30+ hours. Sometimes I canít force myself up. If I get up I will be falling asleep standing). I also suspect that I am having blood sugar issues and also because I will overheat horribly after I eat, to the point where I canít sleep Iím so warm. It has been so bad that I will be outside in the weather with just a t-shirt on and I wonít feel cold at all for a while. It will actually feel good to be out in the freezing weather. After eating any big meal I will get extremely tired.

I also have a high white blood cell count. I'm getting a Cat scan on my stomach done within the next few days. My GI doctor said this will show if there are any abnormalities on my adrenals. I want to get my cortisol and dhea levels checked as well though. I am going to ask what type of doctor I should see for that.

Does anyone have any suggestions, comments, or anything they want to tell me?

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