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New here. I have been "sick" for a week now. By sick i mean the following symptoms: headache, dizziness, fatigue, flank pain, feeling off balance, low bp anywhere from 96/60 to 84/54. And occasionally i will have blurring of my vision in my lower part of my eye. It started last Saturday and has progressed everyday since. I saw my dr on wed. He ran blood tests which came back normal. Thursday i continued to get worse. I work in a drs office. I became very dizzy and almost passed out. A fellow nurse took my bp. That was my lowest bp of 84/52. I called my dr and let him know and was also checked out by a dr at work eho was also stumped by my symptoms. My regular dr recommended a cortisol test. I did this the next morning (yesterday). Late last night it came back as 3.8. At this point my regular drs office was closed. The two drs left in my office didn't know much about it other than it strongly suggests i have Addison's disease or secondary adrenal deficiency. My dr did order a MRI for me for wed as this is the second time in 3 months ive had this happen. Could low cortisol be because of anything else?

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