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My first ever cortisol level was done when I was "having a episode" ie muscle weakness, intense dizziness, week long bp readings of 84/52-96/60. It was a AM level that came back as 3.8. Yesterday I had a PM level drawn. Should be 2-14 so really I was expecting no result or 0.something since it should be lower than 2. It was 5.6???? What's going on
I feel fine this week. Still a little muscle weakness but nothing else bp is back up. I was stressed from fighting with my boss and the lab techs(girls I work with, was done in my office while I was working.) Were arguing about how to order it. Anyway. I have a normal result and one low result. I also did a urine and the acth injection test. So I know at the end of the week I will have answers its just hard to wait!

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