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May 12, 2014
Hello everyone,
I'm just wandering if someone could help me. 12 months ago I was diagnosed with cfs - I was literally bed bound and very poorly for about 6 months before improvement began. Anyway, having six months of generally going up hill (though having many downs on the way) I've now gone really down hill again and feel like I did when I very first got poorly (which is different to my normal relapses). My main systems are fatigue, muscle ache, low blood pressure, thirsty, nausea, slow/sluggish digestion which has resulted in weightloss. My doctor has sent me to an endocrine department. What should I be asking them to check? I've had a SNTH test done which came back normal but I am hearing many of you talk about secondry adrenal insuffieciency and how this test does not show this. Could any of you please give me some direction please? I am based in the UK. Many thanks

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