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Hi guys,
Trying to keep it together for this, my first post. Excuse me if I rattle on and on. I'm desperate for any advice at all.
Me.....50 yr old female nurse.
Past history.. Acute CMV at age 30. Misdiagnosed as Glandular fever. Sent home with acute encephalitis for 10 days. No treatment due to wrong diagnosis. This was the beginning of 20 years of misery. Began feeling tired all the time.
Age 32 got acute Guttate psoriasis...treated with methotrexate successfully.
From there on out I contracted every virus, flu, allergy etc known to man. Had strep throat uncountable amts of times. Just worked and worked and put up with it all.
In the mean time I began gaining a stack of weight, up to 130kg and couldn't budge even a kilo.
April 2011.... Had Gastric Sleeve Surgery to lose weight. Lost 35kg and suddenly stopped just before holidays.
March 2013.. Fell ill on cruise holiday and slept most of it.
April 2013....presented to my new GP (wonderful person) so sick with fatigue, brain fog and all over pain that she sent me to Emergency Dept at hospital. Bloods came back with :- Na 137, K 4.8, Cl 102, Bicarbonate 26, Urea 5.4, Creatine 50, Protein 69, Albumin 38 Cholesterol 4.6, TSH 0.87..all just inside normal limits.
My BP, on the other hand was 78/35 and would not budge even with 3litres of fluids. Suddenly it rose and I was sent home. "Virus"!!
July 2013....again sent to ED and had CTs done of abdo...pancreatic duct enlarged. Pancreatitis diagnosed.
August 2013.... Surgery for pancreatic stent insertion. Removed within 36 hrs due to my body rejecting it and my Lipase levels rising to 1200! Very ill.
TSH 1.34, CA19.9 marker 6, fasting glucose 4.8, ANA negative. BP under 100/50 for three days.
November 2013 continued with all symptoms and now alternating constipation and diarrhoea . FOBTest positive bloods.
December 2013... Colonoscopy and removal of lrg polyp.
2014.... Progressively worsening symptoms of fatigue, weakness, brain fog and dizziness. BP low most times, orthostatic BP, heart palpitations that were monitored by a halter monitor for 24hrs which only showed rare ventricular and atrial ectopics.
April 2014... At work when I become confused and lost!! Can hardly walk or speak. My back feels like it's breaking and my headache (constantly have one from the time I open eyes) becomes "different" and hurts in the back of my head. Rushed to hospital ANC told I had a "migraine" and sent home terrified with a very angry husband. Don't remember the next 4 days as I was just in a daze. EEG/MRI brain shows damage from Encephalitis but nothing "terribly abnormal"!

Present day.... Nausea after food, nausea when I am in bed, waking often throughout night, open eyes with headache, get up and go to work but fatigue quickly and by the end of the shift I am almost in tears. Go home and sleep 3 hrs, cook dinner etc and go back to bed.
Two cortisol levels done in last month,....first done at 10:30am..12, 2nd done at 8am was 15!!! So now they say can't be Addison's but I'm not convinced as I am even really dark skinned in the face and arms/hands. Today I am nauseated++ and pain in kidney area is very bad. What the heck do I do next??

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