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Re: New to this
Sep 7, 2014
Hello there BellaMila, I think so. The dr just said there is something wrong with your cortisol level it is lower than low normal and there is something up with your ACTH. So he asked me back for am/pm testing.
I hope when I go tomorrow he will start me on something. I am not sure if I can take anything for my spasm in my shoulder muscle. I am so done in.
My last blood work showed high normal (right on the cusp) potassium and low normal (right on the cusp) sodium so I think that is causing the spasms and the tremors I experience periodically and always when I wake up from sleep, any sleep. It feels odd and very uncomfortable. Some times I can hardly hold my head up without my should and neck spasming. Plus a multitude of other things!
I underwent a repair on my heart two years ago and ever since I have not been right and had huge stress issues with ill relatives.
Gradually grinding to a halt.
Does this sound familiar? I just need to understand.
Thank you so much for taking time to resound BellaMila.
I am grateful
Re: New to this
Sep 8, 2014
Been to doc. Morning level was 2 : evening level was 7.
Below low normal in the am, low normal in the pm.
So I have to wait until I crash I guess. He says there's enough.

He has given me anabolic steroids injection and go back and see him in two weeks.
Dunno how that's supposed to help but he says it will.

I guess it's back to the roller coaster, I will crash my cortisol will be below normal, I will do this am/pm test again... And so on.

Do you think a saliva test would be good?

Thank you.

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