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Hi I am new to the board.

I have been diagnosed with Addisons Disease :( and it took me forever to get the Drs to even run the tests.

A little about me, I have had 2 back surgeries, 1 in 2008 a spinal fusion, and in 2012 a Laminectomy where they also cut my Spinal Dural. I have been in severe pain for years with my back and legs.

I have been very sick over the last few years. Last yr I started getting very thin skin on my legs and arms, then my skin would turn into a huge blood spot and break open and it would bleed for days. They thought I may have had cancer that all came back clean. I was always having bad headaches, tired all the time, nauseous just incredibly sick, couldn't do anything if I went to the grocery store, that was all I could do for the day. I started passing out abut a year ago, also when all the blood started and I started researching ( as my Dr was not) well I demanded the Cortisol test and it came back at 0.4 ug/dl and Normal range was 2.3-19.4. The Dr said ohh we're getting somewhere (after 3 months of me begging her to run the tests, and she kept saying its to rare I don't believe you have it) I said no I am.

Anyways I went to a endocrinologist and have been diagnosed with Addison's Disease. My question is, does anyone think the possibility of me getting the Addisons was from the Spinal Dural Tear? Because the Dr never even told us he did it at all. We learned from his PA.

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