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I had autoimmune thyroid disease since childhood and then had a thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer about 17 years ago. I was put on a high dose of synthroid and felt fine until my endocrinologist started reducing the Synthroid dose about 3 years ago to bring my TSH into normal range. I began having severe fatigue. I was suspicious because of my strong family history of autoimmune disease including my daughter who has type I diabetes. At my request, my endo tested me for adrenal disease. My ACTH was 144 and my Cortisol was 18. As she continued to lower my thyroid dose, my ACTH continued to rise and was at about 360. I failed to respond to an ACTH stimulation test with a cortisol level of 18 and failing to rise significantly with the ACTH. I asked that my renin and 21 Hydroxylase antibodies be tested to check for Addisons disease. Renin was high at 12. 21 Hydroxylase antibodies were 12, normal being > than 1. I tried Hydrocortisone at a low dose and Florinef at a very low dose. The Florinef made me very dizzy and I could not tolerate it. The Hydrocortisone was making me gain a lot of weight and effectiveness was minimal. I stopped the Hydrocortisone because my cortisol is at 18 but I am continuing to suffer fatigue. My TSH is now WNL but I feel exhausted with salt craving and poor sleep. I have areas of increased tanning of my skin. The fatigue is affecting my work performance. My endo does not have any other ideas and basically does not have anything else to offer. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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