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I've been sick for about 6 months. Pcp mentioned pots but I think it's a endocrine issue. History of reactive hypoglycemia since 16 (34 now)  asthma and newfound allergies. Symptoms are : extreme fatigue, Vertigo, cold all the time, irritability, shaking, brain fog, losing periods of time, falling asleep (did this driving), not feeling rested, short of breath, weight gain, dizzy, bp fluctuates usually low reading like 100/68 but some higher, as high as 150/92, fast heart rate usually in 90 or 120 range resting.  Taking phenterimine helped me feel better.  Recently had labs,  b12 191 -  I've took a shot a week for a month now a shot a month, no difference. Glucose 93, sodium 144,potassium 3.8,wbc 5.8 rbc 4.27, a1c 5.2 free t3 3.4,free t4 1.12
Cortrosyn stim test
9.64 ug/dL at 8:30 am
24.12 ug/dL at 9:06
28.35 ug/dL at 9:43
No ranges are listed. My prolactin and acth hasn't come back yet. Please give insight, I'm having surgery Tuesday and desperately need answers.  Thank you

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