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... XACTLY into the values set for an Addison's diagnosis. So we did some tests. The costyropin test came back that yep it was Addison's, but then the next day the ACTH and 2 other blood draw tests came back neg. So, we decided to do a definitive metyrpone test 2 weeks ago. ... (13 replies)
Mar 20, 2005
... This last test I had was morning cortisol ACTH blood test...and evening cortisol serum. Should get results this week. Do you take cortef now? ... (4 replies)
... I have been undergoing lots of tests to find out why I am fatigued, have dry hair and skin, gain weight, etc. Here are my results. Can anyone give me some input? TSH 1.8 (0.40-5.50) Free T4 0.9 (0.8-1.8) T3-RIA 118 (60-181) T3 Uptake 32.1 (25-35) T4 6.3 (5.0-13.0) Thyroglobulin 48.7 (4.0-40.0) Anti TPO <2.0 (0.0-2.0) (3 replies)

... Hi Again, Some of the best places to get info on this are the support sites. Try to Google the search terms "Cushing's/ help /support" and see what comes up. Get into the sites and look around-read up and share your story with others to see what ideas they may have. As for testing, my husband had a basic evaluation of his pituitary function, including LH/FSH, IGF-1... (9 replies)
... I am wondering if cortef can stimulate my immune system. I've got low cortisol as read by 24 hour urine and a less than stellar results from ACTH stim. ... (1 replies)
... day. With .1mg Florinef per day. I had ACTH serum and it was in normal ranges..Iwill have tos earch for the labs! ... (1 replies)
... Hi there, I've been extremely ill for 2 years. Started out with low energy and over two years has left me almost fully bed ridden. I was put on Florinef back in September...1mg. Been on it since than, no side effects, or weight gain. Now I'm on 7.5mg of cortisol per day. When should Ilook for results??? I got ill after living in a toxic home then getting a flu vaccine on... (1 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue
Dec 21, 2004
... I haven't had an ACTH stim test done yet. I'm considering asking my doctor for one. ... (2 replies)
... Hello I was looking for someone to help me with these test results. I have a few other health problems and have not gotten any relief after being treated for those. 24 HOUR URINE 45.4 RANGE 21.0-143.0 UG/24H SERUM CORTISOL AM 6.7 RANGE 8.7-22.4 UG/DL ACTH <5 RANGE <70 PG/ML Do these sound normal? I... (6 replies)
... hi chris, thanks for the advice. so do my numbers indicate in your estimation a problem/ insuffieciency? from waht you wrote i am assuming you feel thsi way but i want to make sure. thanks! californian (4 replies)
... If anyone has feedback on this it would be greatly appreciated..right now i'm still very ill with the pneumonia but later on plan to see a DO.. thanks! californian (4 replies)
... Wanted to direct you to read my post below about Trav's test results from the ACTH. Was hoping we could stay in touch. Dr. in LA confirmed that we should get some Florinef and try it for Travis. ... (4 replies)
... I haven't gotten the test results back yet from my Cortisol AM and PM saliva test. ... (0 replies)
Oct 6, 2004
... the results I posted about Travis' ACTH test, in case they should steer you and Carmen in the right direction!!!! Hope all is going well for you. Sorry you are not feeling very well yourself. ... (0 replies)
... Could someone explain the difference between primary and secondary? Thanks. (2 replies)
Mold cause??
Oct 4, 2004
... ow full well how so many Dr's just go with the well known diseases, and dont like to deal with a lot of research to uncover some rarer disease. i have just had a ACTH test, and i dont know what the results mean, but they scare me. My pituitary output, which he said should be 9 something, was over 3,000. ... (4 replies)
Oct 4, 2004
... Wanted to be sure you noticed and got to see Travis' ACTH stim test results. Didn't see any reply from you, and I knew it may be relavant to Carmen's care. Maybe she could have her aldosterone tested, too? ... (8 replies)
... Trav had eleven or so vials of blood taken from him last Tuesday, and the results came today! The doctor's nurse called and said he had low aldosterone and high T3. ... (0 replies)
Paging Chris
Aug 12, 2004
... I got the results of the second ACTH today. Sarted at 4 and went to 21. A few weeks ago I started at 3 and went to 13. Dr. says the second test is normal. True ? ... (1 replies)
More questions
Jun 10, 2004
... I really want to see my doc, but I am trying to figure out how to convince him to do the ACTH test. ... (6 replies)

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