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... hey, i was wondering if someone here can explain to me what a addrenal crisis is like? ... (8 replies)
... Hey Kjos, thanks for replying. What I thought was a addrenal crisis was when I black out. ... (8 replies)
... What is Bovine addrenal supplement made of? ... (3 replies)

... could I have addrenal or addison crisis.... many thanks ... ... (1 replies)
ACTH question
Apr 26, 2006
... ed by a underactive pituitary or hypothalamus for no apparent reason that can be can be found, it's just not putting out sufficient LH. I'm wondering if I have a addrenal lack due to lack of pituitary stimulation. ... (8 replies)
... m due to secondary causes. I am going to a neurologist in july because my doc thinks there may be a problem with my hypothalamus. I have a LOT of the symptoms of addrenal insufficiency, and I don't think it's a far stretch to think that I have another problem with my addrenal levels. ... (1 replies)
... Addison's disease is caused when the adrenal glands fatique. Google adrenal fatigue and you will learn a lot. Addrenal fatigue can be brought on by unending stress in your life, burning the candle at both ends for a long time, repeated cortisone injections to name a few ways. ... (20 replies)
... p all the time n still feel tired, u may not sweat like a normal person does. generally when diagnosed u will b in ur early 20 or late 40... u normally go into addrenal crisis b4 diagnosed. n that is where ur heart stopps. so if u have it. do not wait.. ... (1 replies)
... adrenoboost will make you feel good for a short period of time, but the comedown will leave you on the verge of an addrenal crisis. do not recommend. ... (9 replies)
... level and found out more things. which led to her having addrenal insuffiency. they gave her medicine which she'd have to be on the rest of her life and she said she felt better almost immediately after being put on medication. ... (6 replies)
... Oh I forgot to mention, Don't push yourself. If your cortisol is low (cortisol is the addrenal hormone) then you need to savor it. Lay down as much as possible. Sleep as much as possible. And don't stress. If the kids make a mess of the house then let your husband clean. Trust me, this routine will make a huge difference in how you feel. (39 replies)
... Also, If it is your addrenal glands that are faulty then there are ways to temporarily boost them. Try licorice. If it is you thyroid then you can try kelp. ... (39 replies)
... Hi, I have just been told that I most likely have secondary addisons, by my family doctor. He suggested I take a cortisol replacement medication, but I would feel much better going to a actual endo because they are more knowledgeable , but I can't get in for another 4 months. But what I am wondering is if a direct cortisol replacement med would be bad for secondary... (2 replies)
... Hey JennyVee, Sorry for taking so long to answer. I've been away from the boards for a while. The Adrenal supplement i am on is Canadian, produced in Calgary, Alberta. The Company that makes it is called AOR classic series. It's just called 'Adrenal'. Also i have tried a different brand of adrenal supplement when i was temporarily unable to obtain the AOR and it's from... (2 replies)
... Hi cossette, Thanks for all the info you have shared so far... I was wondering what brand of adrenal supplement you are taking there are so many available let us know since I am soo tired its unreal thanks so much in advance (2 replies)
... Is this something you can buy OTC or a prescription? (2 replies)
... I've had excellent results with a glandular adrenal extract. Thing is mine is porcine and not bovine. I was told it was bovine when i bought it back in Oct., but when i checked the label weeks later it said porcine. Tough noogies, it works!! At this point, after years of feeling lousy :dizzy: :yawn: and having basically no life, and getting nowhere with endos, i'm not... (3 replies)
... Do you guys know if that stuff can be used in combo with HC. I'm already taking HC and armour but I still can't raise without crashing. Starting to wonder if it's a blood sugar issue but others seems to think it's still my adrenals so I'm looking for something to give further boost to my adrenals. (3 replies)
... As far as I can tell, it's dessicated bovine (beef) adrenal gland. I'm going to be taking it for adrenal stress (post traumatic syndrome) starting Monday. I have had to present all this material to my doctor. I was also on a trial of Ligaplex II, a combination of herbs, including bovine adrenal extract, and felt much better after three weeks (slow going). My main symptoms... (3 replies)
... fernan1: "It took everything i could muster just to perform simple everyday tasks, for example walking from my bed to any where in the house became a "do i really want to go there" type of scenario. the weakness i felt was nothing like i have ever felt before." I feel ya there! The last one, I had to watch my two year old during the day (before I could go to the... (8 replies)

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