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Adrenal Fatigue??
Mar 30, 2005
... I've been posting in the Lyme thread, I've been tested for Lyme, and it came back slightly positive for current Lyme infection. But my question is in regards to Adrenal Fatigue, not Lyme, as I think I've got a couple of different things going on. ... (3 replies)
... Well for probably the last 5 years or so I have noticed increases in unfavorable symptoms... Some of them are... Increased fatigue no matter how much sleep. Wake up tired. Seem to have energy at night though. If I can workout I feel good during, but crash after. ... (2 replies)
... FM for 8 years, and recently diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency, via an insulin tolerance test. ... (20 replies)

... Although almost all these symptoms fit adrenal fatigue to a tee. It's the rapid weight gain that I had early on and the subsequent inability to lose it that bothers me. ... (1 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue??
Mar 31, 2005
... thyroid shows the relationship between Adrenal and thyroid is pretty extensive. ... (3 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue??
Jun 20, 2007
... r. Kerry's office's number. I drive 5 hours to get to his office, but maybe he can direct you to a dr. closer to you. I know that he does seminars about treating adrenal and thyroid problems, so maybe he has some connections. ... (88 replies)
... I just wanted to jump in to let you guys know what I have been doing for adrenal fatigue. I had a tremendous amount of stress and then was in a car accident 4 years ago, plus a lot of other things. ... (20 replies)
... to be diagnosed and treated, but they used large doses of steroids, which were more harmful than helpful, so they became afraid to fool with anything but actual adrenal failure. This is dubious, but what I've read which COULD be a viable explanation. ... (11 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue
Dec 13, 2004
... I'm fairly convinced that I have adrenal fatigue even though my 4 pt cortisol tests came back normal. ... (2 replies)
... compounding pharmacies in your area. They may be able to tell you which doctors order these kind of meds. Compounding pharmacies are often the ones who dispense adrenal and hormone medication and supplements. ... (4 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue. I see an MD who is also a homeopathic doctor. ... (11 replies)
... I'll have to mention Subclinical Adrenal Fatigue to my doctor if my Cortisol saliva test comes back within the normal range. ... (3 replies)
... I was just diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and am feeling rather sceptical about the whole thing. ... (11 replies)
... It would be a really good idea to post your thyroid labs on the thyroid board. What many doctors think is "normal" is actaully "abnormal". You want to get TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 tests. My TSH was normal, but my FT3 and FT4 were low. As for the extracts, I tried Isocort, but got urgent diarrhea from it. Lots of people have success with it. You can take up to 8... (12 replies)
... Hi, I'm usually on the allergy board, but I have just read Dr. James Wilson's book, Adrenal Fatigue. I feel like he wrote that book just for me. ... (12 replies)
... However, recently, my DHEA numbers came back super low, to the point where my endocrine doc believes I have adrenal fatigue. ... (0 replies)
... Hello everyone. I was diagnosed hypothyroid 2 years ago and with adrenal fatigue about a year and a half ago. Felt better as my thyroid stabilized and have had some good stretches along with some bad. ... (13 replies)
... yr old recently took Adrenal Stress Index due to chronic fatigue. ... (20 replies)
... I am in the same boat. I have had a lot of work up and EVERYTHING points to adrenal fatigue. I read a book on it and it seems I am the "perfect" candidate for it. ... (1 replies)
... Hi! One thing that is important to check is your cortisol levels. There's debate about whether blood or saliva testing is more reliable. A great book to read that would give you more information about adrenal fatigue and testing for adrenal fatigue is Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by Dr. James Wilson. This would be a good place to start. :) ... (2 replies)

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