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... infection of Lyme. There are many of us on the board that have secondary adrenal Insuf. due to Lyme. It destroys the adrenals and the thryroid. And causes alot of neurological problems. ... (14 replies)
... The adrenal insuf. is secondary if caused by Lyme disease. Lyme has a neg. ... (14 replies)
... on a domestic call at work when I suddenly became very dizzy. I began to feel like I couldnt breath very well and had to go home. when I got home I began to get tremors and shake. I went to the emergancy room where I was tested and sent home with no relief. ... (88 replies)

... weight loss, heart palpitations, and near total fatigue. After many blood draws, ct scans, MRIs, etc. a simple cortisol level test showed me dangerously low in adrenal function and that was confirmed with the ACTH stimulation test. ... (14 replies)
... I was reading some of the posts regarding kidney and adrenal or pituitary problems and found them very interesting. Similar symptoms so I think I will get it checked out. ... (88 replies)
... Dr. Brownstein in particular who has written several books about balancing thyroid, adrenal and ovarian hormones... ... (8 replies)
... and listening to a naturopathic doctor who told me to cut out all chocolate, caffiene and alcohol because they are all adrenal stimulants, I finally started to feel a bit better. ... (9 replies)
... Hi. Have you been checked for a pheochromocytoma? This would be a catacholomines test. Here is a link for better understanding. Your problems sound like they could be related to that. Let us know what you find out. (9 replies)
... A "1.5cm adrenal adenoma" on my left adrenal gland. The GP stated it was an incidental finding. Needless to say, I switched GPs. ... (9 replies)
... I have Lyme Disease with secondary adrenal insufficiency. I suffered for 2 long years before I found a doctor who recongized what was wrong with me. I also had night sweats and hand tremors. ... (14 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue??
Jul 27, 2007
... Sure, My Symptoms ara as follows; Shortness of breath tremors, shakyness extreme fatigue, exhuastion light headness, dizzyness heart palpitations feelings of anxiety hyper glycemia with unusual sugar levels after eating, many time very high, in the 200 range. on some ocassion it goes low, and i have an hypoglycemia episode, this has been rare though rapid weight... (88 replies)
... That is definately on the low end and thats a big space between pills. I take 10 mg at breakfast, 10 mg at lunch and 5 mg at supper. If you dont want to switch to more dosage have you tried 5 mg 3 times a day? (14 replies)
... I have secondary adrenal insufficency and also suffer from burning (like a hot flush) and night sweats. I used to be someone that really felt the cold but now I cannot tolerate the heat. The night sweats keep me awake at night and I have no idea what is causing it. Take care, Naomi (14 replies)
... should be taken with a very large grain of salt. Personally I have seen 8 endos and all but one of them needed a new line of work when it came to understanding adrenal insufficiency. They were quite willing to pontificate and let me suffer rather than actually do some work to get to the bottom of a complex problem. ... (14 replies)
... I'm not sure that Lymes Disease is the answer for me, as I have secondary adrenal insufficiency and it's my understanding that Lymes affects the adrenals themselves, no? ... (14 replies)
... Chris or others, Just read a post on CFS board by Chris where he said to check for Addison's shaking or Addison's Tremors. I read quite a few of these (speed read, that is). They listed shaking as a possible symptoms, but didn't tell what it came from, when it would generally occur, etc. My son has experienced this clenching of his teeth and shaking for a few... (3 replies)
... sided adrenal adenoma was found. Believe it or not, that same doctor told me it was an "incidental finding" and nothing I should be concerned about. Idiot. ... (5 replies)
... Thank you so much. You clarified a lot. So, did you get tremors before taking the pills? ... (7 replies)
... posted this from the Adrenal Disorders board on this site. Sorry it is so long but I hope someone will be patient enough to read it and share their thoughts. ... (1 replies)
Addison's Symptoms
Jan 23, 2013
... I have been an Addisonian for over 12 years. I take 25 Cortef a day and more when sick. You have listed almost all of the possible symptoms. she may get most of them or some. She should get a Medic Alert stating: "Adrenal Insufficency NEED STRESS DOSE STEROIDS. Also she should carry Solucortef in her house / car /luggage. Need to know Friends and family should be... (1 replies)

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