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... Sorry for the confusion. I get used to my own shorthand. Thyroxine is the T4 hormone, I meant by it any preparation that is "T4 only" as thyroid medicine. ... (12 replies)
... symptoms do seem to point to hypopituitarism, so I will look into this, thank you. As for seeing a university doc....would I have to pay for this, being as it's a teaching hospital? ... (12 replies)
... They say I have myasthenia gravis. I have trouble swallowing and talking at times as well as I cannot stand or walk for prolonged periods. ... (38 replies)

... Thank you for reading this. I have been suffering for so long, and am posting on boards like these as a last resort. ... (6 replies)
... but stress dosing is both an art and a science. As well as DHEA, you may just need more SALT. If you are sweaty and dizzy, reach for salt pills, potato chips, pickles or anything salty to get your salt up. ... (4 replies)
... While in the emergency I started having heart palpitations that continued of and on through out the remaining of my trip. As soon as I landed back in America I went straight to the emergency room. They gave me Flagel and sent me home. ... (20 replies)
... The tingly numb toes could be neurologial problems as a consequence of insufficient b12. It can manifest as peripheral neuropathy and also be more expansive, such as mental deficits etc. Not saying this isn't anything else going on. ... (31 replies)
... Never heard of the MCV thing... but I will look as mine as always on the low side... ... (4 replies)
... we'll see a decrease there as well, and might even be able to trace back to what enzyme is having problems. ... (31 replies)
... I was thinking primary as well, but something is up with my pituitary gland as well. It does not produce TSH as it is supposed to... all seems to be pointing to an autoimmune component. My mom is one of five sisters.. they all have thyroid AIs. ... (12 replies)
... tested when I felt great, I would test abnormally and if I tested when I felt horrid, they would be normal. Go figure. So I was my own worst enemy and of course, as soon as an endummy sees a normal test, they pronounce you as FINE even though you look like death. ... (5 replies)
... However, most addisonian people do much better on it as well as with taking additional salt tablets. I have friends and the dose varies from half a tablet and sometimes I have taken as many as 3. ... (5 replies)
... As far as him traveling to China, unless we both go China will not complete the adoption so we just need to be as prepared as we can. We are just trying to get as much information as we can and check out other people's experiences with overseas travels. ... (4 replies)
... First, find a good endocrinologist that can monitor him. I KNOW this is so much easier said than done as beleive me, I had to see tons of them. I have no adrenals so my situation can get critical fast. ... (4 replies)
... Adrenal glands and the cortisol they produce are very important. Without cortisol, the body cannot maintain proper blood pressure during times of stress as well as have proper body metabolism. ... (13 replies)
... I have had most of the symptoms that you have and I am now on synthroid for my hypothyroidism as well as an adrenal supplement. These have helped, but there were still loose ends that seemed to be resolved. Constipation being one. ... (4 replies)
... Well Mr. sleepy, maybe we can compare notes because I go to the FFC as well. ... (16 replies)
... I am looking for basic facts, where to learn more and how to function as normally as possible once you have Addisions. ... (3 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue??
Jun 20, 2007
... hey all I just posted this on another forum, but it may fit in here as well: "... three years ago I went to a specialist in Pittsburgh P.A. (he was credited as the top endocrinologist in the state) and he told me there was nothing wrong with me, that i was lying about my huge list of symptoms and the only other step was to get therapy. Months later i found Dr. Kerry of... (88 replies)
... As for my friend, we had it out today over the a good way I guess and I tried as best as I could to explain my point of view. ... (8 replies)

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