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... AlwaysTired, If you are planning to see if your adrenals will start working again it would be best to waste no time trying it. The taper has to be very slow. 2.5mg taper every few days. If you have trouble stay at the dose for longer before tapering again. This must be done under the care of your endo. I did a quick search & didn't find how much replacement you are... (16 replies)
... How are you splitting the 17.5mg & what times of day do you take it? (6 replies)
... Hi there, I've been extremely ill for 2 years. Started out with low energy and over two years has left me almost fully bed ridden. I was put on Florinef back in September...1mg. Been on it since than, no side effects, or weight gain. Now I'm on 7.5mg of cortisol per day. When should Ilook for results??? I got ill after living in a toxic home then getting a flu vaccine on... (1 replies)

... hours after. Since cortef is suppose to be taken in the morning I thought that might be a problem. ... (37 replies)
... ack pain. She also had the ACTH stim test a few weeks after the injections and they diagnosed her with secondary AI and put her on cortef. Not wanting to stay on cortef the rest of her life, with her already severe osteprosis, she decided to get a second opinion from another endo. ... (21 replies)
... something like that happen to me last month and its very scary. I actually think my husband was more frightened than I was. When I am feeling like I need extra cortef I take 5 mg, I am not sure how much I am supposed to take so I figured a half a pill would be ok. ... (2 replies)
... Well, I notice when I'm low on cortisol I am fatigued but I can't sleep, when I raised my cortef to 20mg I sleep all the time but wake up tired still usually. Yeah I seem to be gaining weight easily now. ... (18 replies)
... increase my cortef. I forgot to mention the hydrocortisone when I went to the endo, but I have been feeling better. I think I also need to make sure I take the cortef consistently at the same time each day. I am on cortef, and I just take more when I feel dizzy, is that bad to do? ... (8 replies)
Low cortisol
Jan 16, 2007
... For 30mg daily, the norm for splitting it is 15mg a.m., 10mg at noon, 5mg about 5pm. Taking 20mg at once would really make you hungry. ... (12 replies)
... day for a month of cortef creates a loss of cortisol from your adrenal glands that can be detected for months after stopping. Hence the need to taper very slowly down 5mg or even 2. ... (7 replies)
... I was on 5mg of cortef 4 x a day and seemed to do well. ... (0 replies)
... s adrenals react and give the cortisol they need for the stress. However, you have not demonstrated that your adrenals are not working and cannot give the extra cortef you need. And you cannot test while you are on the cortef. ... (7 replies)
... I have hashimoto's thyroiditis and adrenal insufficiency. I was told by doctors to take the thyroid first on an empty stomach. Then, 1 hour later, my cortef with food. Thyroid will put a stress on weak adrenals, I am told as well by doctors. So...why is one instructed to take the thyroid first? ... (3 replies)
... Beth, I believe you need a new doc. Addisons can be complicated & we need as much information as we can get. The cortef will cause hunger so it could be helping with weight gain or you are on too much cortef (do not try to reduce the dose without docs approval) or your thyroid as Chris mentioned. I was on too much for over 3 years & finally learned from others my weight... (6 replies)
... Hi, an intro on myself. I am a 23 yr old female who was diagnosed and recently reverted from Cushing's syndrome. I am now in what I hear called an addisonian state. I had a unilateral adrenalectomy of my left adrenal for a 2.5cm tumor 4 wks ago. My right adrenal is atrophied. I was placed on the 5th day after my surgery on Cortef, 10mg @ 8am and 5mg @ 6pm (=15mg total).... (3 replies)
... No I'm taking 20mg right now. Although I do have problems getting to sleep some nights so what you said may ring true about taking too big of a dose too late. My dose is broken down like 10 at 7am, and then 10mg at 4-5pm usually. I'm thinking maybe I should try 10 at 7, 5 at 12, and 5 at 3 and see what happens there. Maybe I'll get to sleep better then. I'm not adding... (37 replies)
... First dose of Cortef is for morning. Some people have trouble getting to sleep so they take a bit at bedtime. ... (37 replies)
... Since your son was sick you probably had reason to have the upset stomach. If he had not been sick it could be a sign to increase your Cortef because of addisons. For the fatigue you are having an extra 5 or 10mg would probably be helpful. If you are still extremely tired you could take it now. ... (5 replies)
... lower back, I take an extra 5mg and it usually makes me feel much better. I also take an extra 5mg of Cortef on the first day of my period. ... (2 replies)
... ne in my post. I guess I had a Lyme brain moment. But at least you knew who I was refering to. I changed it on the post. I don't really feel any different on the cortef yet. How long did it take you? ... (10 replies)

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