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... D did it. My Endo was a bust. My cardiologist and neurologist and IM question the level of thyroid care that the Endos in my city can give. They are great for diabetes and straight forward thyroid conditions, but any quirks such as multiple endocrine system dysfunction or autoimmune issues are not handled well. ... (10 replies)
... ndos are always blaming things on mental issues. You have to learn to ignore them and listen to your gut. I have found that the great majority of endos only know diabetes and a small amount of thyroid. They are clueless with anything outside of these issues. ... (11 replies)
... and maybe a diabetes problem. I do have high blood pressure which I'm on meds for. ... (9 replies)

... Dear Chris Thank you so much for your comments. I was in fact hoping you do because I saw your expert comments to others. No I do not take DHEA supplements but I did buy some before the stress test and was waiting for confirmation my DHEA was low in order to consume DHEAS. But my results showed I had excess DHEAS! I never believed I was stressed or could be stressed until... (1 replies)
... k of cortisol is a faulty Pituitary Gland, there is nothing actually physically wrong with the Adrenal Organ, it simply is not receiving the 'signal' to make the cortisol from the Pituitary. ... (6 replies)
... Be sure you are checked for diabetes along with the tests for addisons. Fasting bloodwork. Some of the things you mentioned could be addisons. Thirst can be diabetes. ... (1 replies)
... her spots. This started 4 years ago and since then I have had a battery of tests, most of which were normal until recently. The tests that weren't normal were my cortisol and blood sugar levels. The doctors did an ACTH stimulation test in 2008 but did the test wrong so the results were useless. ... (10 replies)
... r in the pituitary that puts out too much ACTH, which then stimulates too much cortisol. For others, it is because of a tumor in the adrenal gland itself making cortisol on its own. ... (15 replies)
... I have included how I think each question is related to hormones. Remember a single test can be normal but all hormones are pulsed so one test isnt diagnostic of anything. Of course each symptom can also be related to other disease activity so one or two aren't particularly diagnostic either. Many together start to make the pattern more clear. 1. Do you wake up in the... (8 replies)
... sphenoidal in June 2004. Rathke's Cleft cyst. Had an issue of diabetes insipidus, but was resolved after 1 dosage of DDAVP. Put on Cortef. Was able to eat for the first time in months without getting sick. ... (4 replies)
... The symptoms caused by excessive cortisol secretion may vary from person to person. Many of the symptoms listed below can be attributed to numerous other diseases if viewed separately. ... (12 replies)
... need are ACTH plasma and Cortisol. Blood drawn at or before 8am, fasting. Next you need an ACTH stimulation test. This is also before or at 8am, when our bodies cortisol levels are at their highest. No exertion or stress before hand to artificially raise cortisol levels. ... (9 replies)
Stim test-no go!!
May 24, 2008
... Thanks for replying, I have done some research and found that low cortisol can cause urine to concentrate hense taking 20 hours to concentrate, thus could still be diabetes insipidus masked my low cortisol. ... (11 replies)
Oct 12, 2007
... Because low cortisol levels should translate into low sugar levels since cortisol normally causes the liver to release sugar into the blood stream. High blood sugar and low cortisol is unusual unless you have full blown diabetes. ... (5 replies)
... Since DHEA is regulated by ACTH in the pituitary, is possible your DHEA is low because of low ACTH, but this is not always the case. Did you forget to post cortisol tests. If you haven't had cortisol testing yet, I think you do need to push for it. ... (5 replies)
Apr 8, 2008
... bedrest and didnt move for 3 days, dank loads and craved salt and sugar then became slightly more normal. Do you think a stim test is more advisable to diagnose cortisol rather than a single random? ... (1 replies)
I need support
Oct 21, 2005
... aking his BS's a rollercoaster ride. Same thing with Addison's, I would say. When our bodies do not have Addison's, they KNOW when to supplement the amounts of cortisol they give us to deal with daily stresses or demands. Therefore, we can live a haphazard life that varies greatly each day. ... (6 replies)
... I have T1 diabetes since I was 14. My nan had Addison's in her sixties, and her mother had hyperthyroidism, and my father had Lichen Sclerosus! ... (1 replies)
... family history of autoimmune disease including my daughter who has type I diabetes. At my request, my endo tested me for adrenal disease. My ACTH was 144 and my Cortisol was 18. As she continued to lower my thyroid dose, my ACTH continued to rise and was at about 360. ... (0 replies)
... Oh my! I am certainly glad she decided to cover her butt... my weight fluctuates a lot, most ppl have hypoglycemia with addisons I have diabetes so it's a little different for me. ... (10 replies)

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