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... OHP suppressed to 15 so it doesn't seem LOCAH is the problem. I haven't had a stim test, at least yet. My morning cortisol was 15 which is 'normal' but I do have some of the tanning around my waist and under my breasts. ... (1 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue??
Mar 31, 2005
... in the normal ranges. Most doctors don't know how to deal with thyroid problems, and only treat if you're out of the ranges. ... (3 replies)
72 hour fast!
Jun 3, 2007
... Hi Jenn, I have been following your posts, because we share some of the same symptoms. I usually post on the thyroid board, but have recently been on the Diabetes board more often due to high and low blood sugar. I too suspect that my many symptoms are related and are caused by an underlying endocrine disorder--either pituitary or adrenal. I went to an endo in February for... (3 replies)

... By your results sounds you gotta think it's positive that you only have adrenal issues. My electrolytes have always been pretty normal with a little low sodium. Are you even on any cortef yet? ... (37 replies)
Thyroid adrenal?
Feb 24, 2006
... I did have the saliva test. Cortisol is normal at morning and midnight, but low during the day. DHEA was low also. Free Testosterone was normal. I have had no other adrenal related tests done to date. ... (20 replies)
... ek ago things were going so great for you. Perhaps it's only a matter of them adjusting the meds a little must be so frustrating feeling almost back to normal and then WHAM almost landing on your face while walking. Ireally feel for you and hope that things get better again for you. ... (85 replies)
... up growth, we can assume that his GH is fine now that the low cortisol has been treated. ... (6 replies)
... So, apparently, that was normal. I have no idea what this means. Normal ACTH with cortisol deficiency... ... (9 replies)
... Not sure the range don't say... ... (0 replies)
... Another update: New endocrinologist said I should start taking 50mg of DHEA daily and took more tests today. She mentioned that my cortisol was on the low end of the range, so she did the low-dose (1/250th of the standard) ACTH test, drawing the baseline, then 30min, then again at 60min. When I had the standard ACTH test done, I felt unusually calm and pretty darn... (6 replies)
... About 3 years ago I was constantly under the weather so my gp referred me to a general health consultant. Had a range of tests and the only thing that came back was low cortisol. So I had the ACTH simulation test but that came back normal. ... (1 replies)
... Or is this normal for adrenal fatigue? ... (0 replies)
... I've been suspecting adrenal insufficiency for quite some time. Had a poor result on Diagnostechs saliva cortisol test. Also noticed that my heart rate greatly increases when I stand up to go pee in the middle of the night. ... (2 replies)
More lab results
Jul 24, 2008
... Well, I can see right away even without the ranges, that your TSH is way elevated. Even in endo-world, where advances in medicine seem to move more slowly, the uper limit of TSH for diagnosing hypothyroidism is generally, 3.0. You definately need the remainder of the thyroid tests that reemu pointed out: free T4, free T3 - also check for the antithyroid antibodies... (15 replies)
... Finally My plasma cortisol was <6> @ 8 am and 4 pm. ACTH was normal <18> @ 8am range 5-27 Doctor has not given me any medication. Retesting ACTH first he said. I am very ill. Nausea, weakness, vertigo, exhaustion. My mother has come to stay with me and help take care of my children. I want to thank everyone on here for the support. I cannot believe how many... (1 replies)
... Hi Wanda, I have heard of it. My endo was not willing to do it because my am cortisol and serum ACTH were in range. She had mentioned prior to my test that she may order a stim test depending on my results. ... (8 replies)
... My levels too are barely above normal on the cortisol test. ... (37 replies)
... I have posted on this site before with only 2 replies (which were the same). I am really worried about my husband. He received his tests results in the mail yesterday. Could someone please explain these to me.:confused: TEST RESULTS RANGE T4 (TOTAL) 3.9 LOW 5.5-11.0 T4, FREE 0.43 ... (7 replies)
... Alot of these tests look out of range to me, but not sure what to do. ... (11 replies)
Adrenal Burnout
Jan 29, 2005
... My cortisol levels were 19. ... (6 replies)

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