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... My results were low also. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the input, Chris. The cortisol blood test was done at 10:20 AM. I think my DHEA and testosterone are a little high, too, and I do have some problems with acne. I don't think I will be able to get any more help on this with my current doctor, though, so I guess I will have to shop around some more. Thanks, Katherine (3 replies)
... If my Thyroid Antibodies test comes back abnormal, could that be the reason why the Armour hasn't helped me yet? ... (11 replies)

... Well that Free T3 test was taken before I started on the thyroid medication. That's why I'm getting the Free T3 tested again to see what level it's at now. ... (11 replies)
... thyroid replacement dose, and that he didn't want to go any higher. Then my doctor noticed I didn't have Thyroid Antibodies tested yet, so I'm going to have that test done. Can the Thyroid Antibodies affect the dose of thyroid medication? ... (11 replies)
... So, apparently, that was normal. I have no idea what this means. Normal ACTH with cortisol deficiency... ... (9 replies)
... You had two different tests which found your cortisol to be within normal levels and to be responding to ACTH. I doubt it's an error. ... (2 replies)
... Do you not have a baseline cortisol level? ... (1 replies)
... Doesn't look like you have an adrenal issue. Your ACTH & cortisol levels are fine.. these would be the two that would clearly indicate adrenal insufficiency. Also, there is usually very low sodium with high potassium. Addisonians tend to excrete sodium and retain potassium. However, low aldosterone levels can contribute to fatigue. Do you crave/enjoy salty foods? Do you... (11 replies)
... Roughly what would this mean ? as its looking very much like i have both going on addisons & cushings at the same time ???... I have changed my endro consultant last month as soon as he said he didnt know what an emergancy injection kit was i got worried as i thought this is the basics that he didnt know, so how on earth does or can he treat me properly .. . (7 replies)
... It is possible to have Addisons and Cushings at the same time. any endo or GP who does not know know what an emergency kit is no good to you. I found out the hard way. (7 replies)
... thank you for repling to my cry of help, the thing is i have primery addisons, my cortislo steriod levels were normally extremely low vertually non exictent which is why i am so scared now with my steriod levels not just being high but being extremely high for me and my condition which doesnt make sence now... my condion is completely the reverse of what it use to be. Since... (7 replies)
... sed case, and get these waves of feeling REALLY bad. I already can't stand up very long as I get lightheaded. My aldosterone was a 3 a couple of years ago. My cortisol has been anywhere from the lowest of 7 to a normal in the teens. My ACTH is normal. I have had low blood sugar for probably 20 years. ... (6 replies)
... I've been replacing the cortisol for a week but still feel awful. ... (4 replies)
... Oops I meant to say hypo not hyper (4 replies)
... It is high. It should be looked into. If your doctor is not, then your doctor has no idea what he is doing. Most have not a clue what they are doing with Cushing's as it is hence it took me 12 years to get diagnosed. The pituitary tumor is an ACTH secreting one and has little to do with thyroid - I am not sure about your hyperthyroidism statement. (4 replies)
... Cushings disease. (4 replies)
... i've never heard of birth control influencing cortisol, but your symptoms sound a lot like mine ( I have addison's) - the brown patch especially. do you have a tan for no reason, or darker scars, or extra freckles? i know that is a key sign of addison's, which can become more extreme after or during the stress of pregnancy. i hope you will go see an endocrinologist. (5 replies)
... Well, I just had "The Talk" at work, (an imprumptu performace review). Basically, I have to get a Doctor to ok some Medical Leave time for me, or it just gets chalked up to "disciplinary problems", and they have better grounds to let me go. How am I going to get my Endo, (who suspects all the adrenal test results were flukes and is trying to redo them), to sign off on... (31 replies)
Test Results
Feb 17, 2008
... My cortisol level is not listed on my last two lab print-outs. Tomorrow, I plan to call the endo in Austin who originally diagnosed me in '87 - he is the best, so maybe he can give me some advice also. Thanks for responding, Judy (3 replies)

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