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... Thanks Hardy. Actually, the doctor confirmed that Quest screwed up on the urine metanephrines as well, by losing 75% of my urine. How incompetent. Gotta do it again. The endo tends to think the problem is in my pituitary (some kind of autonomic dysfunction), and that my general malaise is the explanation for the heightened catecholamines. I had several concussive... (10 replies)
... once cortisol is lowered. Cushingoid appearance does not happen with AI. ... (12 replies)
... Yes, tingling in the hands is a symptoms of AI which can cause less blood flow to hands and feet. Low cortisol can lower body temp and make you feel colder. ... (12 replies)

... Those tests seem normal, but you can't diagnose anything from simple cortisol blood tests. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks Tracy for your reply. I looked up Cushing's, and I definitely fit the pattern of weight gain listed. I've gain almost 40 pounds and all of it has been in my face and stomach. I still have the skinny arms and legs I used to. It still doesn't quite explain the tiredness, and I don't have many of the other symptoms. Perhaps I have the cyclical Cushing's you mentioned.... (4 replies)
... nding on your symptoms, you may want to consider Cushing's disease. Do a search and see if any of the symptoms fit your situation at all. A single high morning cortisol doesn't tell you much, unfortunately, other than making Addison's very unlikely. ... (4 replies)
... Is 25 good or bad? What else should I do? (1 replies)
... hi, your symptoms and history sound similar to mine except for gender. i proved that i have adrenal insufficiency with the acth and saliva tests but that doesn't necessarily indicate how to get better. i take armour and isocort (over the counter) but recently complained to my doctor that i wansn't making any progress maybe even deteriorating. he sent me for a big additional... (4 replies)
... That would certainly be an impressive statistic. Perhaps osteopaths are more willing to actually listen to their patients. It seems most endos don't listen very well at all...probably a reflection of their poor training. (6 replies)
... I have to agree with Chris about the endos. I was very exicted when my daughter was referred to a pediatric endo last year; was also very disappointed quickly! She has a TSH of over 4 and many hypo symptoms and we were told that everything was fine and referred to a nutrionist! The doc we are going to right now is a MD but also practices holistically (spelling?). I kinda... (6 replies)
... just wanted to update you guys after seeing the nutritionist. at this time, he thinks that my adrenal insufficiency may be due to stress on my adrenals from the thyroid and other issues. he wants to wait and see if treating them will bring my adrenals back to normal before treating the adrenals. i'm comfortable waiting right now. rachel. (5 replies)
... well, i just spoke to the endo and to her, i'm fine. she doesnt think that additional testing could be justified at this time. so, i'll probably talk to my nutritionist and see if he reccomends something. rachel. (5 replies)
Test results
Jul 8, 2004
... my acth plasma was normal but my cortisol was 31. ... (4 replies)
... I am actually wondering about Cushing's. How out of range do hormones need to be to indicate a potential problem? I don't think my endo even looked at these labs-I was seeing him for thyroid concerns. Can anyone here help me with these numbers? I don't know anything about adrenal hormones. ACTH 9.22 pg/ml normal 10-100 pg/ml cortisol 16.41 ug/ml ... (1 replies)
... Your new endo doctor did not do the ACTH test since you had no injection. ... (1 replies)
... k of cortisol is a faulty Pituitary Gland, there is nothing actually physically wrong with the Adrenal Organ, it simply is not receiving the 'signal' to make the cortisol from the Pituitary. ... (6 replies)
... baseline cortisol . ... (13 replies)
... I have included how I think each question is related to hormones. Remember a single test can be normal but all hormones are pulsed so one test isnt diagnostic of anything. Of course each symptom can also be related to other disease activity so one or two aren't particularly diagnostic either. ... (8 replies)
... pm. They told me I had a serious adrenal fatigue and it might be able to be helped with 10 mg of cortisol each day. The Dr. doing the prescribing was a holistic MD. He could prescribe cortisone, and he did. ... (1 replies)
... I also had saliva test from ZRT lab and my results are little better then yours but I have so much trouble tolerating smallest dose of Armour. ... (8 replies)

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