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... Hi, This is for the dear people who have been dealing with a weaker form of Addison's...a low functioning pair of adrenals, but not full blown disease. My compounding pharmacist, after reviewing the cortisol results has encouraged me to try using small doses of cortsone cream 1 % to be used 3 times during the day, 8 Am, 12 and 4 PM. Has anyone else ever used this method?... (7 replies)
... and she suspects that I am dealing with weak adrenals, due to years of emotional stress and now the stress of ovaries not functioning. In the past, I've needed cortisone to combat major hives and severe reactions to posions ivy. Strangely enough, I have high blood pressure, not low.... ... (6 replies)
... Do you have any news about Adrenal insufficiency caused by over use of over the counter Cortisone cream? ... (0 replies)

... he numbers of people with Adrenal insufficiency. That have had their Adrenal gland restarted. Not any other gland just the shutdown of the gland from over use of Cortisone cream or prednisone. ... (0 replies)
... counter hydro cortisone cream. You can measure out like a quarter teaspoon and every morning at 6am rub some into your inner arm. Be sure to measure it out exactly the same. ... (38 replies)
... Sunny, Do you have a copy of your thyroid tests? A lot of drs can't read thyroid tests and many people are told they are in "normal" range when indeed they are not. I have self educated myself on thyroids after learning I had been hypothyroid for 15 years before I found a dr that knew what the heck she was doing. If you post your thyroid tests along with the lab's reference... (7 replies)
... Thanks, dear Angela, for all of your help. I just heard about a supplement called thyroplex that a pharmacist recommended. It has other glandulars in it, pituitary, thyroid, etc, and is supposed to keep the endocrine system balanced. It does look like now they suspect I also have hypothyroid, since my temps are very low, even though my lab work is right in the normal range.... (7 replies)
... Sunny, I tried a couple different adrenal extracts. The only one of the names I can remember was Androgen. None of them seemed to help me, in fact it seemed just like I wasn't taking them at all, like my body wasn't absorbing it or something. Another kind I took, was quite expensive that a naturopath had prescribed for me had Chinese mushrooms in it and made me very sick.... (7 replies)
... Hi (((Angela))), Thanks for your helpful replies. I called a few healthfood stores yesterday and they do not carry it. They suggest other Adrenal extracts made by other companies, which they do have on their shelves. I'd like to track down this product. Any more ideas..other than to getting it on-line, which will take longer to arrrive? Am I correct that these... (7 replies)
... Sunny, It's considered a healthfood item. The dosage is not listed on the bottle. Most severe adrenal patients start at 2 pellets 4x a day for 3-6 months and lower the dose after that if they are getting improvement. At least that is what I was told by the person that told me about it. You let your body be the guide. It is something available to the consumer and not just... (7 replies)
... Hi Angela and happy that you are feeling much better. I just did a search for Isocort and I couldn't find the actual doseage. Can you help? Is it something that I will need to have a doctor order, or is it a healthfood item? Thanks. Hugs, Sunny (7 replies)
... The most favored adrenal extract I have heard of is Isocort. I started using it six months ago at 4x a day and am now down to 2x a day and feeling much better. (7 replies)
... and then even cream to bypass the liver. Same result every time. Increases brain fog and cognitive dysfunction massively is the main problem. Gives slight liver ache. ... (20 replies)
... My doctors say its from the cortisone pills. I go to a dermatologist and she has me taking benzoal peroxide cream and rub it on my face twice a day and it helps. I still get some on my back but its better on my face. ... (5 replies)

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