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... Stress dosing doesn't usually mean psychological stress, it means physical stress, like a fever, inflammation, or serious injury. Taking more cortisol makes it harder to sleep and that could be part of your problem. 30mg is already a fairly high dose with normal being 15-25mg/day; the lower the better. Gaining weight is a sign of too much, lower back pain in bed in the... (4 replies)
... As you can see the cortisol drops very rapidly although first and last in normal range. Not sure of correct range for 15 year old for DHEA but seems hers doesn't drop appropriately. ... (22 replies)
... ably has steroid therapy induced secondary adrenal insufficiency on top of primary AI. As cortisol is connected to other hormones such as sex hormones, thyroid, DHEA and epinephrine, the dex may have caused wide damage to her endocrine system which may or may not correct itself to near where it had been. ... (22 replies)

Maca for adrenals
Apr 23, 2008
... to strengthen their adrenal glands. Im low in DHEA and go though periods of high and low cortisol but do not have have addisons disease even though i have most of the sysmptoms. ... (0 replies)
... Alright, Hormoneman, you asked for it! (and MG, watch it with the Thread Hijacking! ;)) It all started with Thyroid checks: Thyroid #1 (Late Jan): TSH - 1.26 (18.8% of range) FT4 - 1.15 (25% of range, +6% from TSH) FT3 - 367 (72% of range, +47% from FT4) Thyroid #2 (Early Feb): (31 replies)
... with serum acth greater than 43. I've never seen a primary who doubled or more on the stim. I look for upper 40's to low 50's for a good acth. Your DHEA suggests primary. I recommend you read what wrote about interpreting the acth stim and acth serum tests. ... (31 replies)
... Well you can add a DHEA supplement first thing in the morning. Issue there is do not exceed 20 mg and if you suddenly get really bad acne.. ... (31 replies)
... As to why things are up at night.. have you looked at your supplements. Any DHA, EPA, DHEA in them? ... (31 replies)
... am cortisol levels.. were nada. The only reason my cortisol was normal at 8 am was because that was when I take my DHEA which can be converted quickly into cortisol. Bad thing about DHEA.. you don't want to take more than 20 mg and it burns up quickly in your system.. ... (12 replies)
... Can't you talk him into a trial of Cortef or Adreset given the border line low cortisol test? Just to see if it helps? I hate the you are normal. Well normal in a statistical Gausian bell curve about a statistal average.. does not mean optimal for you. Have you looked to the Armour physician locator database for a thyroid/endocrine system savvy MD near you. If the mD... (7 replies)
... Just received my saliva test results for cotrisol/test/dhea-s and would like some insight. MALE Symptoms: Fatigue Low blood pressure Low libido Unrefreshing sleep Joint/Muscle aches (0 replies)
... It was my saliva test is what precipitated all this further investigation on my part becasue it showed lower cortisol, very low DHEA and low reproductive hormones. ... (4 replies)
... Addison's and sugar don't mix well and snacking usually means sugar. Snack on nuts (mainly) and fruits is best. Addison's always means low DHEA. Low DHEA usually equals, low exercise capacity, muscle weakness, breathing problems, concentration/memory problems. (10 replies)
... Does anyone have experience with at home saliva testing for adrenal/hormonal problems? My endo did a ACTH stimulation test, which was "normal" but I've read the ACTH stimulation test deals manly with the pituitary and doesnt measure cortisol/DHEA production. I have a naturopath who only uses a biomediean(sp?) electronic stress test to see whats not balance in my body, and it... (2 replies)
... I am starting to suspect I have an adrenal problem due to the fact I have been unable to tolerate my thyroid meds. This has happened recently after a trial of a few months on Armour. Now, I can't hardly take a small dose of thyroxine. My thyroid tests say I at mid range for the T3, yet I am experiencing severe hyper symptoms, which should not happen until the upper range or... (10 replies)
... It is probable that osteoporosis is not only related to higher cortisol dose but also the subsequent lack of DHEA due to adrenal shut down. DHEA is a steroid that acts to build bone and muscle and the fact it is missing in Addison's helps promote bone loss. ... (9 replies)
... there's certainly some adrenal impairment. Given the elevated norepinephrine, and the DHEA levels, I am surprised the overal cortisol level is not higher. Perhaps my adrenals have been revved for too long. ... (10 replies)
... Hi. I'm new to this board So, I'm dealing with some issues similar to yours and those of the 25-year old police officer, Dial. (You're in my thoughts, Dial, and I hope your plight improves. It's appalling how you've been treated by your employer and colleagues.) I will begin with a brief history; feel free to jump to the end for the data. I've been struggling for... (10 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue??
Sep 22, 2007
... If you haven't already, learn more about the hormone cascade that starts with cholesterol, pregnenolone, cortisol, DHEA and many others. What the doctors need to figure out is what you're low on and why... where the process is breaking down and where supplementation makes sense. ... (88 replies)
... Sometimes a little DHEA helps to restore stamina. Too much and you will get acne and greasy skin. Also, are you on florinef? ... (1 replies)

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