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DHEA problems?
Apr 26, 2005
... having a reaction to the DHEA, I am now taking only 5 drops in the morning. I seem to be doing pretty well with that. He was pretty insistent that I take the DHEA because he said I was low in it. I'm of course worried about longterm use and all that. ... (20 replies)
DHEA and Addison's
Jun 12, 2004
... The hormone ATCH controls both the DHEA and cortisol levels. The fact you have high DHEA and low corisol is not normal. You need to investigate the cause of the excess DHEA. ... (14 replies)
... I am really worried now that ive started taking thyroid meds which will be increased to 50mg in 6 weeks time. Are my cortisol and dhea results really really low or do you think they will be improved with thyroid meds. Sholud i take an adrenal supplement along side my levo? ... (0 replies)

DHEA mega dosages
Jun 11, 2008
... d is not a good idea because DHEA does convert to many other hormones, some of which are not good in excess, like estrogens. ... (4 replies)
Question on DHEA-s
May 12, 2008
... sparkles, im having the same problem as you and am hypo. It is really hard to find info on the DHEAS. Mine are low to from my saliva test and blood test. Their both out of range and my endo says nothing about it either. Im fed up. She also tested me with the ACTH and it came back 16. I was told by her that as long as it reaches 16 then I dont have addisons but if it goes... (3 replies)
Question on DHEA-s
May 10, 2008
... I saw a thread on the thyroid board where there are comments on DHEAS. I wondered about my recent serum DHEA-s lab DHEA-s 40 (32-240) I have been trying to read around on it, and know that it is definately low for my age (just 42), and that it correlates with low levels... (3 replies)
... t want to mess up the validity of results. I am taking 5 mg pregnenolone MWF, and have been for a month. Prior to that on another drs advice, I was taking 10 mg DHEA MWF, but then decided to go back to Pregnenolone. ... (2 replies)
... It could be that you are cyclical - so one test is simply not adequate. I am not a fan of trials on steroids from my experience though, as that just shuts down the adrenals and sometimes they never recover and then you are pretty much stuck on steroids the rest of your life. It is hard to manage your life on steroids - I have to do it daily. DHEA is an over the counter... (7 replies)
... Sorry I missed this. My pituitary endos test DHEA sulfate. I am on DHEA as my adrenals were removed. ... (7 replies)
... me back as high and the cortisol tests which were normal. I am not sure what is optimal for cortisol testing and thus am looking into it. I hadn't heard of the DHEA test.. but my IM told me to take DHEA, DHA, and EPA. So it is worth getting her to test me when I go back in to discuss my high ACTH. ... (7 replies)
... I found out that I had high DHEA levels a couple of weeks ago. My Dr. ... (6 replies)
... The doctor is worried about the high DHEA level. He suggested further blood testing and a possible MRI. He is out of town for a week or so. ... (4 replies)
... Great your effects so showed up so fast! Most people take a few months. Remember to have your DHEAS levels checked because there is evidence that elevated DHEA levels in women are associated with increased mortality. ... (10 replies)
... Diane, Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. My endo also recommended that I take DHEA, but with my Cortef and pregnenolone. I also like you, am afraid to take it. I asked him is it would make my hair fall out and grow hair on my face, and the only reply I got was "not any worse than the cortef will" that was not encouraging! I read that if you are going to take it you... (10 replies)
Dhea level high
Jan 13, 2006
... ACTH stims cortisol and DHEA. Cortisol is an antagonist of DHEA and vice versa. ... (11 replies)
DHEA problems?
Nov 17, 2005
... No, I decided not to have the ACTH test done. I saw two other doctors -- an MD and a DO for 2nd and 3rd opinions. They both separately agreed that this test would confirm what we already know from the saliva test, that I have adrenal exhaustion. I am on several supplements, including glandular, ginseng, DHEA, magnesium, fish oil, multi-vitamin. I've been going to bed... (20 replies)
... I'm having the same problem of figuring out which came first the chicken or the egg on this. I have high Cortisol levels and DHEA levels as well. Not sure if the hypothryodism is causing this or something else. ... (6 replies)
DHEA and Addison's
Jun 15, 2004
... Is it testing DHEA or a metabolite? ... (14 replies)
DHEA and Addison's
Jun 12, 2004
... If you ask for opinions it's a good idea to actually include the facts. I don't think T4 and T3 urine tests are considered useful because so many divergent things can affect them. Similarly it's only DHEA-S in the blood that counts, why do you think urine concentration is important. What symptoms lead doctors to perform these unusual tests? (14 replies)
DHEA and Addison's
Dec 11, 2003
... day. Taking megadoses of DHEA is certainly harmful to women and probably for men in the long run. Also DHEA has been associated with heart irregularities, so be careful as you take this hormone. ... (14 replies)

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