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... :) Thank you chris. Its nice to see such a fast reply, or any at all for that matter. Yes, yes and yes. Well, I had been taking Armour thyroid b4 finding the adreanal test results. Something interesting, I found that taking T-3 alone 12-25 mg , then drinking coffee, my lymph nodes would not swell or certainally not as much as without the T-3. But after a few days I... (15 replies)
... ginseng and dont feel anything at all. My acth test i was non responsive, my increase was only 1 point. DHEA was 0. I can actually feel pain in my back, I assume its my adreanal glands as when i drink coffee, it hurts bad. ... (15 replies)
Would like info
Jul 8, 2004
... Hey everyone, What I am posting for is that I have an adrenal tumor on my right side. I am not sure where it fits in with everything else related with the adrenal glands because the only thing I know at this point is my dhea-s and testostrone are high. The tumor is more than likely functioning which means it will have to come out. I am pretty sure it is not large though... (2 replies)

... esses. In 2003 a microbiologist ran some endocrine tests on me in search for answers. My cortisol was less than 1, my ACTH was 7, my testosterone, progesterone, DHEA and aldertsterone were all low. ... (5 replies)
Help Please!
Jun 30, 2004
... brighterday..... Sorry your husband is going through these health problems. I have had addisons since 1998. The thing that will help your husband the most is to find all the addison discusson boards & ask "lots" of questions. The endos do not always give the correct info & treatment. They just do not have the experience needed to advise. Mine started me on the max dose of... (5 replies)
... Chris, Thanks for responding. I am not healthy, I have CFS, Fibromyalgia, IBS, vulvodynia, autonomic dysfunction all at 26 years old. I have been sick for 8 years. So that may have something to do with it. I had an ACTH stim done at 1:30 and it was cortisol 23, went to 40 after an hour. It was only 23 to begin with because the lady couldn't get the IV in my arm and had... (5 replies)
More questions
Jun 11, 2004
... Chris, are you sure about progesterone being higher during menstruation? The reason I'm asking is that I was tested for that, too, and had to take my saliva tests on day 19 of my cycle, because the lab told me that hormones were at their peak during that time. Then I had another blood test done on day 2 of another cycle, and both lab sheets gave much lower ranges for... (6 replies)
... Kara, You would need to take DHEA replacement to increase your level. For me it does not increase testosterone as it does in many others. ... (1 replies)
... My DHEA levels were still really low. ... (1 replies)
... Hi to all, I've had hypertension ( inherited), since I was in my 20's. I only needed to start on BP pills about 10 years ago, when I was in my 40's. Now I find that when my alternative MD added in some super B's, my BP shot up, even when I increased my BP meds. He claims it is due to his super complete formulation of all of the B's that gets the adrenals working, so... (0 replies)
... I feel better when I take about 100mg of DHEA a day, it helps me function. ... (0 replies)
Symptoms ??
Jun 6, 2004
... When I first went to the endo about my thyroid issues she tested my Dhea levels and they were normal. Is there some other test maybe that needs to be done? ... (0 replies)
... :wave: Where do I start? LMAO Well, about...ohhhhh...14 months ago I was in seeing my dermatologist b/c I was 25 years old and had worse acne than I did in high school and got fed up with it. He noticed that I have hyperpigmentation, and asked if anyone had ever mentioned Addison's disease to me. He ran some preliminary bloodwork, and my ACTH was high (214, reference... (0 replies)
... hey Sunny!! Glad to hear that you're on the path to recovery! I myself am in the same boat as you- adrenal fatigue, not really addisons. I feel like I may be undertreated- I'm being treated by chiro- sports med (non-m.d)- he is treating me with isocort and DHEA- and a pretty strict diet. I haven't felt any better. My biggest complaint is that when I have any stress in my life... (2 replies)
... I used to have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning on the weekends too. I started using progesterone cream several years ago for some pms symptoms. Now I get up much earlier on the weekends and I think that my using (natural) progesterone cream is the reason why. I've read that progesterone can be converted into cortisol. John Lee MD is a big believer in the need for... (6 replies)
... m thinking of asking my endocrinologist for DHEA based on the advice of other low testosterone patients. ... (1 replies)
... Dear Chris, :) Thanks so much for your response; I do appreciate your time and your help. Yes, I am seeing and endo; I'm sorry to hear that they are so useless. I had hoped that they would have a better track record than the GPs. I'll definitely follow your recommendations about the meds and the books. Thankfully, my endo has agreed to giving me an ACTH stim test... (1 replies)
... Greetings everyone. I'm Del. I've been an addison's disease/schmidt's syndrome patient for over 20 years. I also have been diagnosed with clinical depression, have had a deep vein thrombosis, one child and during that time have had a slowly declining health state. In the last five years I have gained 100 pounds which I am unable to lose. I've lost my hair, twice. I have... (4 replies)
... I have been taking dhea too for a couple of months now and no hair on legs or underarms yet. Actually, that is the one symptom I don't mind so much. ... (4 replies)
... I have found that I am competitive and competition is good for me so during the summers I still play softball in two adult leagues. I also started taking DHEA which can be found on the vitamin isles of your stores at the reccomendation of my doctor. It has been a wonderful find. ... (4 replies)

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