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... vague stomach ache ,vague headaches,high B.P.mild pigmentation of tongue and gumand tiredness.Drs.explain it as anxiety,but what about milk leakage and irregular period ? ... (10 replies)
... So you have the fatigue before your period? ... (10 replies)
... I have been going to my doctor to get some blood work taken and to investigate my constant fatigue... I never even thought of adrenal fatigue as the culprit, but the more I read the symptoms the more it sounds like a possibility. ... (3 replies)

... Does anyone know whether low cortisol and adrenal fatigue can occur seemingly only during certain parts of the menstrual cycle? ... (10 replies)
... Hi Christinev, I'm Chrispy61 My daughter was Just diagnosis with AD and she was in mid stream of menstrual cycle. it made it worse. I'm learing about the disease now for 3 days. As I learn more I'll pass it on to everyone. Please ask you Dr maybe when the time of cycle comes there is something you can do to make you feel 100%. This is a Great Board. I'm going to get my... (10 replies)
... Does anyone know whether low cortisol and adrenal fatigue can occur seemingly only during certain parts of the menstrual cycle? ... (10 replies)
... thing! amazing after my period i have such horrible exhaustion i dont even know how i do so much during the day i drag myself all day, anyway i have good energy before my period too, it seems i am a mess for about 20 days of the month anyway i will try an adrenal bovine extract supplement have you tried that? ... (10 replies)
... rtisol so I'll see if that shows anything. Sorry you're having problems but it's good to hear from someone who can relate. I also have some sleep problems mainly before my period. ... (10 replies)
... Hello All, Well I have been on the hunt for a diagnosis or an answer to the reason I feel absolutely miserable. And so far on paper the Doc says I am great! But, here are my symptoms Chronic diarrhea and cramping (symptoms like ibs) Fatigue/Tiredness Weakness Insomnia (very bad) Anxiety Extreme mood swings(craziness) (1 replies)
... know that my more recent problems are hormone related because I always get sick with a bug of some sort, have PMS really bad, and usually get pancreatitis right before and during my period. So, I am really thinking that I do have some kind of adrenal insuffiency. ... (13 replies)
... Do you remember what your cortisol levels were ranging before you actually got a proper diagnose? ... (6 replies)
... Judit, could you tell me what tablets you are taking? Are they cortef? Some kind of vitamin or other supplement? I'd really appreciate it, thanks. (4 replies)
... imes I would sleep through that too. Instead of waking up, I would have anxiety dreams about almost anything. Finally exhausted, I would sleep another hour or so before I could actually get out of bed. Picture me going to work? ... (4 replies)
... al insuffiency...which didn't show up until after I had my acdf 3 years ago...guess the body couldn't recover..didn't have enough hormones. That was a very long period of time... ... (7 replies)
... The true Addison's tan test by the way, is if you don't have tan lines! I acquired very dark skin over a period of several years beginning with elbows, knees, and deep lines in my palms. ... (8 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue
Oct 2, 2004
... When I started Armour thyroid, my doc told me it could take up to 3 months to see full effects. You might want to stay on the same dose for a longer period of time before you get your blood levels tested. ... (9 replies)
... Then I got my period and developed at 8 years old.Endocrinologist said I was probably ok and asked if I wanted a shot to slow my growth and my mom said no. ... (5 replies)
... I had to learn not to block the pain so I could recognize the symptoms and prevent it rather than ignore it and I could easily have been ignoring it before that. ... (9 replies)
... eart rate is tachacardia. You say you have troubl eating, is it because you have trouble digesting your food and do you have allergies to food that you never had before you got sick? ... (12 replies)
... sometimes decided to be properly tested later, and have to wean off the HC and wait a period until their HPA axis and adrenal function resumes. I know this is the case from reading around on boards and also some medical literature and abstracts. ... (12 replies)

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