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... Hi. I am new to this board, but I have had Addison's Disease since 1997. I have always taken Cortef but because of the cost my doctor said, I could try the generic hydrocortisone. I am now wondering if this was not a good decision. I have had diarrhea, upset stomach and been dizzy. ... (6 replies)
... Sorry I don't have an answer MMK4, but I'd like to echo your question. I asked my MD to change me from compounded hydrocortisone to generic (CVS) a couple of months ago, also because of cost. I don't have symptoms similar to what you describe, but I have lost stability (periodic & random weakness, ache, not enough stamina to mow my small yard anymore). Since several things... (6 replies)

... I am new here also. My pharmacy switched me from Cortef to Hydocort the last refill I received. I have been on the Cortef for 7 years since dx.(adrenal insuff.) I take 10, 5 and 5. I had diahrea for 2 weeks after the switch but have also been gaining weight. I don't know why they switched. Thought maybe they just came out with the generic. I had NO side effects from the... (6 replies)
Jan 17, 2007
... What are hydrocortisone tablets? ... (14 replies)
... Prednisone has a long half life (lasts longer) than Cortef or Hydrocortisone (generic for Cortef). Many take Prednisone as a replacement. It has to be converted in the liver so takes longer before it is available for the body to use. Hydrocortisone is like what a normal body makes. Cortef & Hydrocortisone have different fillers so some of us do better on one or the... (8 replies)
... There is a generic version!!! My insurance only covers generic prescriptions and my pharmacy told me there wasn't a generic version of cortef! ... (20 replies)
... There is no "natural" steriod. Unless you mean Cortef or it's generic, hydrocortisone. I use hydrocortisone which is like what a normal body would produce. I don't do well on Cortef, but many do. You are on a "high" dose of prednisone. ... (7 replies)
... ing the Cortef formula for this product. Over many, many years of taking hydro for Addison's I have found the Cortef formula does not work as well for me as the generic hydro. The Walgreens pharmicists insist this new version is the same as the original Qualitest but my body says different. ... (0 replies)
... My Pharmacy just changed my cortisone from glade to qualitest. Anybody know if this might cause problems? I'm hypo-pit if that means anything. Thanks (0 replies)
... I had just the opposite problem. The first HC I took was Cortef and I had a very bad reaction to it. After that I have taken Merck and Westard without any problems. I know others that have not done well on Cortef, but probably the opposite is true as in your case. If you were feeling well on Cortef why not switch back? Also you might try splitting up your dose like 15 in the... (6 replies)
... Yes, mostly in the legs, an "achy weak" is the best I've come up with for describing it. (6 replies)
... Cloud2, Hi. Thanks for your message. I have a question about your weakness and aching. Do these symptoms occur in your legs? My legs have been aching and they feel weak. Take care and have a good day. (6 replies)
... Nausea is not a side effect of Cortef. It could be that your body doesn't like Cortef in which case you could switch to it's generic Hydrocortisone. Just ask your doc to switch you. ... (20 replies)
... afternoon. Last dose of 5mg about 5pm if it doesn't interfer with your sleep. It could also be that your body does not like Cortef. Mine doesn't so I take it's generic Hydrocortisone. ... (8 replies)
... Have you talked to your Dr. about trying one of the other "cortisones" that are are available. I started with just plain ole generic hydrocortisone and seem to have far less symptoms than people who are using predisone to control their addisons. Might be another option for you. ... (5 replies)
... I take a generic cortisol replacement. Hydrocortisone. ... (5 replies)
... If you feel you are just not doing well you could try Hydrocortisone, the generic for Cortef. ... (11 replies)
... amount for each dose. I don't do well on Cortef so use Hydrocortisone which is generic for Cortef. ... (5 replies)
... Dizziness, salt cravings and constant thirst disappeared when I started taking Florinef or the generic fludrocortisone. ... (3 replies)

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