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... I may call my Doc tomorrow and ask about that. I am always dehydrated and I take 30mg of Cortef daily. I have pretty much figured out what is causing my heat intolerance though. There are 3 factors. This is about the hottest Summer of my LIFE. ... (3 replies)
... :confused::confused: (6 replies)
... I really need help. I've been diagnosed with Addison's for 6 years, and every Spring, I start with an extreme heat intolerance. ... (6 replies)

... times a day and it works wonderfully. At least until recently when I have developed Hyperthyroid and EXTREME Heat Intolerance. I have to change clothes several times a day from excessive sweating during what I can only call "Hot Episodes". ... (3 replies)
... Hi, Am 49 and have had Addison's for 23 years! Heat intolerance and Addison's go hand in hand! I do much better in fall, winter and early spring temperatures. ... (6 replies)
Heat Intolerance
Dec 13, 2006
... The level of exertion seems to be irrelevant, something as simple as walking around a supermarket can be enough to cause my body to heat up and sweat. ... (9 replies)
... I just posted a question asking how to tolerate the heat as well. I play competitive tennis and have to double or even triple my prednisone before a match in this heat. And double my Florinef and increase salt intake. ... (3 replies)
... Boy, can I relate to everything you are going through! I became heat intolerant a few years ago and every year it gets worse. My Dr. says I have Adrenal fatigue. I get the feeling she doesn't beleive how bad the heat is for me. ... (6 replies)
... my understanding, after 2 years with addison's, is that we don't tolerate temperature EXTREMES very well, whether it might be heat or cold. I assume that you have your thyroid checked constantly, because it plays a role in controlling body temperature. ... (6 replies)
Heat Intolerance
Dec 14, 2006
... Interesting, I'd have thought that Addisons would have the opposite effect and you'd generally feel cooler rather than warmer. Do you know if you heat up when you're not taking the thyroid med and DHEA? ... (9 replies)
... My Doc prescribed Florinef today and told me to double my Cortef intake until this heat passes (it was 109 degrees today and humid). Is there anything about Florinef. I am suppose to consume more salt too. Am I going to blow up like a balloon? (3 replies)
... My doctor really pushed me into highering my fludracort dose and I am glad that I did. It helps me tolerate the heat better too. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Reemu, Thanks for replying! I have had my thyroid checked a few times, and it was always good, though I don't have insurance, so the tests are far between. I have also heard that the hypothalamus controls the body thermometer, but they say there is nothing one can do if something's wrong with that. So I'm not sure where the problem comes from, but even the slightest amount... (6 replies)
Heat Intolerance
Jul 19, 2007
... Hi, I just joined to post on this thread. I have a problem with body heat. I always have to some extent (I'm overweight), but it is getting worse as of late. It's so bad that my bedroom will literally be 25-30 degrees hotter in the morning than the rest of the house, with the door open. Anyway, I was wondering what I should ask my doctor about checking for, because until... (9 replies)
Heat Intolerance
Dec 14, 2006
... I hope others pop in as this is an interesting question. I don't recall how it was before starting thyroid med. I only take 12.5mg DHEA every other day so that is probably not a cause. I could stop it for a couple weeks to see if it makes a difference. I also can't tolerate a really warm room or outdoor heat. Recalling other conversations on the boards there are many... (9 replies)
Heat Intolerance
Dec 13, 2006
... I begin to heat up. I have learned to do or get what I have to first. ... (9 replies)
... that Addison's Disease is the cause. It is easy to treat and I do feel better when I take my weekly supplement. I have figured out another source of my Extreme Heat Intolerance. My doc has me on a very high dose of Amphetimines for Adult Onset ADHD. ... (8 replies)
Thyroid adrenal?
Feb 23, 2006
... reading your post I was wondering if your heat intolerance is related to your adrenal problem, thyroid problem, or what? ... (20 replies)
... I have cross-posted this from the Adrenal Disorders board on this site. Sorry it is so long but I hope someone will be patient enough to read it and share their thoughts. Hello. I'm a 22 year old female and I'd like to share my story. The bulk of my symptoms started about two years ago, although it is hard to tell when many of them came on since it all feels so gradual. ... (1 replies)
... gging, exercise intolerance, lightheaded, I am not even able to take my evening walks anymore due to the lightheaded feeling.muscle pain, hypoglycemia,headaches, heat intolerance..Does this sound like Addisons to you? ... (5 replies)

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