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Jul 31, 2004
... Hi everyone. I know I've learned about Addison's in the past but I kind of forget what it is now. But I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a pit tumor, high acth, very high pregnanetriole, but normal cortisol. ... (2 replies)
... Hi there...I know how frustrating it is to not get answers. I have been suffering too. With high DHEA, very low potassium, high renin and aldosterone. ... (6 replies)
Fainted last night
Apr 14, 2008
... If the Ft3 level is lower than the FT4 level you need to check you conversion of T4 with a T3 Uptake and RT3 blood tests. If those tests come back normal you have to look for low ACTH and high cortisol. ... (1 replies)

... High, low, or normal. The cortisol result show you are adrenal insufficient. The addition of the ACTH would tell you if it is primary or secondary in nature. If primary. You will need to take hydrocortisone tablets. If secondary.. ... (10 replies)
... As somebody working in medical research I have to disagree. The normal ranges are based on cortisol test results from healthy people! ... (5 replies)
... am Cortisol 0. ... (16 replies)
... and it was cortisol 23, went to 40 after an hour. It was only 23 to begin with because the lady couldn't get the IV in my arm and had to stick me about 6 times. ... (5 replies)
Low acth?
Sep 19, 2013
... oulder Colorado and due to the recent flooding he is going to be out for several weeks and I would like to get a basic idea of what I'm looking at. I had a base cortisol taken and then an acth stimulation test. ... (0 replies)
... than that I am pale. I have went to 2 endo's one blamed it on my anemia, the other thought it was adrenal insuffiency based on my symptoms and he had my previous cortisol number of 8.1 and said it needs to be at least a 10. ... (0 replies)
Can anyone HELP!!!
May 29, 2005
... Your acth stim numbers seem quite different from any ranges I've seen before. Do you reside outside the U.S., by chance? ... (1 replies)
... not me, I've gained and can't seem to lose anything! All thyroid test are low normal. Also if I remember right, usually the ACTH and cortisol are low, or is it the ACTH is high and cortisol is low? ... (3 replies)
... Since I have a high DHEA, would you recommend a ACTH Stim test? ... (0 replies)
... When my pituitary hormones came back with an ACTH of 161. ... (1 replies)
... Could someone please tell me what it might mean to have lowish cortisol in a 24 hour urine test, lowish ACTH and elevated DHEAS? ... (0 replies)
... ent. Many on the thyroid board have done the adrenal walk as well. You could post your questions there. I am new to this and had the ACTH.. which came back as high and the cortisol tests which were normal. I am not sure what is optimal for cortisol testing and thus am looking into it. I hadn't heard of the DHEA test.. ... (7 replies)
... What was your cortisol to start with and what was it after the test? ... (2 replies)
... I have still been feeling horrible even on high doses of hormones. My gyno sent me to an Endo. ... (1 replies)
... there. Also I have had two ACTH stim test done as well. ... (0 replies)
... flattened Cortisol daily rhythm, and elevated ACTH vs. ... (45 replies)
... hings and when talking with my doctor I happened to mention how much better I felt when being treated with a steroid dose pack. She picked up on that and had my cortisol level checked when the rest of my laps were done. ... (2 replies)

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