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... TH. It is the signal your brain sends down to your adrenals to put out a certain amount of cortisol. If it senses that there isn't enough, it will put out more ACTH to get the adrenals to send out more cortisol. ... (1 replies)
Sep 4, 2011
... I'd be worried if I had a high ACTH. ... (2 replies)
Aug 2, 2011
... r any insight or advice you have. I recently went to an Endo to just get a view inside my body. I had all my levels checked one thing that stuck out at me was my high ACTH levels. The range on the sheet says 0. ... (2 replies)

... Doesn't the high ACTH in response to chronic lower Cortisol make Hypopituitarism less likely? ... (31 replies)
... and just had a ACTH supression test yesterday and am waiting the results. I have the classic symptoms of Cushing's Disease but my cortisol levels should be high for that.... ... (29 replies)
Sep 4, 2011
... Yea, my cortisol and ACTH were all measured in the morning hours. My cortisol levels were on the high end of the range, but they were still within 'range', my endo didn't seemed worried at all, but said he'll retest in two months to see where it's at. ... (2 replies)
... Check ACTH two hours after waking. If it is high at that time, then have it checked again in the evening around 4pm on another day. ... (1 replies)
... of range it might just be an appropriate response to the high ACTH. ... (31 replies)
... Miller - I would ask for a dex/crh test, midnight serum cortisol, and another 24 HR UFC (to get the average). Have you had an ACTH? If not, get one of those too. Cortisol is always changing so blood tests really tell us nothing. There is also cyclical Cushing's which means that one day you are very Cushingoid and the next you can be adrenally insufficient. Makes getting... (6 replies)
... MG - I found a few similar pages showing the pathways of steroid "cascade", as well as a lot of research about how to find enzyme problems by looking at the "precursor-to-product ratios". I'm sure this is an over simplification, (and I'm not sure if it really even works this way), but I look at each step in the cascade like the old "flow rate" problems they used to make... (31 replies)
... The cortisol tests have a range of up to 19.9 and 11.9 respectively. Doesn't my ACTH seem a bit high? ... (0 replies)
... pigmentation, you could still have secondary adrenal insufficiency as this presents with low ACTH. The high ACTH in Addison's causes the pigmentation, so if you had a low ACTH then this would not cause a tan. ... (4 replies)
... I went to the dr. about 3 weeks ago. My ACTH level was back over 2000. Last year, it was 2351 and six months ago it was around 500. Dr sent me for MRI of pituitary gland which was normal. ... (3 replies)
... I wasn't sure where to post my question but I thought I would start with a board who dealt with ACTH and Cortisol levels often. ... (0 replies)
... Historically I presented with low Cortisol and High ACTH. ... (1 replies)
... I have been treated for true Addisons for about five years. I had a very bad crisis in which I almost died. I feel quite good now and have for some time but my ACTH level is always in the 200 plus range, latest at 240ish. Does this matter in either the sort term or the long term? ... (1 replies)
... My ACTH is 1917. ... (3 replies)
... like I did when I was first diagnosed. Well all blood work came back normal except my ACTH which was high. My endo ordered a MRI on my head. I'm kind of freaking out here! Anyone have this experience? ... (1 replies)
... Yes, I have a dark tan (everyone thinks I spend all my time by the pool or at a tanning salon). I've been using lots of sea salt and drinking more water. I'm just wondering why my doctor isn't treating the low aldostrone. I can only assume because the other levels are normal, except for the ACTH. After increasing my hydrocortisone, I started feeling better about the 4th... (3 replies)
... Keraly and group, I found a new endo who is supposed to be good. After I suggested it, we decided to test Aldosterone, Renin and Antiadrenal antibodies. Here's what he came back with (remember I'm the one with low DHEA, low BP, high ACTH and Stim Test that came back less than perfect): Antiadrenal Antibody screen: negative Aldosterone: 1 ng/dL (Range-Upright... (9 replies)

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