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... Can you have both Addison's disease AND secondary adrenal insufficiency? ... (2 replies)
... So you have Addison's and not Adrenal Insufficiency? ... (19 replies)
... You had mentioned that your Doctor said that your adrenals were blocked by heavy metals. Did the hydrocortisone help to unblock some of those metals from your adrenals? ... (19 replies)

... I am now 47 years old and just found out I have Adrenal Insufficiency, don't know the cause yet, just that both my Adrenal glands are 250% larger then normal. I was placed on hydrocortisone because I was in AI-Crisis. My question is: Is it possible for me to have had this as a child and it not become an issue until I got older? And: Does AI cause anger issues? I have... (4 replies)
... They were reducing it by 5 mg., but I would have an adrenal crisis every time they lowered it. I asked them to lower it more slowly, and that is there plan for the future. ... (21 replies)
... mg, wow you must not have any adrenal functions at all. Thanks for the sound advice. ... (16 replies)
... I was finally diagnosed with hypopituatory and secondary adrenal insufficiency in July 2012 after being ill for about three years. ... (3 replies)
... I got very ill and could not wake up or function. It took 2 doctors calling the specialist for him to do the ACTH test finding I have adrenal insufficiency. Labeled Addison's disease. ... (3 replies)
... FM for 8 years, and recently diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency, via an insulin tolerance test. ... (20 replies)
... adrenal insufficiency. Actually the one I prefer, but I use hydrocortisone as it is like what a normal body produces. ... (8 replies)
... Hi everyone... I'm rather new to all this adrenal stuff, although I've been dealing with thyroid problems for about three years now. ... (3 replies)
... low, but decided not to give me anything for it at the time. My thyroid levels were still kind of low then too, so I thought it was a thyroid issue instead of an adrenal issue. Now for the past year, even though I my thyroid problem has stabilized somewhat, I still feel awful. ... (3 replies)
... When my adrenal gland was on its way out I was still producing cortisol and so the results were confusing as they did not indicate Addison's Disease. ... (45 replies)
... I am amazed that your doctor has you on steroids even though you haven't been tested for adrenal insufficiency. If your adrenals are working, then you are taking 20 mg. too much of cortisol! ... (3 replies)
... fungus infection in your intestines. This often happens after repeated antibiotic use and hydrocortisone promotes the growth of fungus as well. ... (20 replies)
... Disease was not stable for a long time until I was referred to this new specialist and he monitored my cortisol levels throughout the day and as a result cut my hydrocortisone down from 30mg a day to just 15mg per day and I have never felt better. ... (45 replies)
... Mr. Sleepy, Sorry I'm slow to post on this... I've had a couple of "bad" days. I'm currently on 40mg... that's 25mg AM, 10mg noon and 5mg suppertime. Me and my MD are wanting to pull that down, but I haven't really stabilized in the last few months. Now even for males, that's on the high end. We've wondered if I'm malabsorbing or something, but that test came back... (16 replies)
... Also, I noticed that luvthesun said: "I believe it's a more aggressive form of steroid replacement, and thus the long term side effects will be more serious." I wish that I could get a definitive answer about that. I, too, have gotten the same "impression" as Luvthesun reading things on the internet. BUT, the doctors keep saying that Pred and Hydro are the same except... (8 replies)
... Hi everyone. I have kind of a cross-over question. I have both adrenal insufficiency and hypothyroid (and growth hormone deficiency) and am experiencing weird lab results. After reading on here, I found that this can occur when someone is not getting enough hydrocortisone, but since my endo doesnt know why my numbers are weird I thought I'd ask. My Free T3 is high and my Free... (0 replies)
... Anyone else have advice on hydrocortisone dosing schedules? ... (16 replies)

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