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... but some people are very brittle and need to increase the dose for just about any kind of stress. ... (16 replies)
... Can you have both Addison's disease AND secondary adrenal insufficiency? ... (2 replies)
... Well I had my cortisol tested about a year ago by a different doctor where I used to live, and she felt it was low, but decided not to give me anything for it at the time. My thyroid levels were still kind of low then too, so I thought it was a thyroid issue instead of an adrenal issue. ... (3 replies)

... I am amazed that your doctor has you on steroids even though you haven't been tested for adrenal insufficiency. If your adrenals are working, then you are taking 20 mg. too much of cortisol! ... (3 replies)
... g... that's 25mg AM, 10mg noon and 5mg suppertime. Me and my MD are wanting to pull that down, but I haven't really stabilized in the last few months. Now even for males, that's on the high end. We've wondered if I'm malabsorbing or something, but that test came back negative. ... (16 replies)
... Thats the same dose I take it works for me. ... (16 replies)
... so you definitely need to be supervised by medical professionals during the test. It doesn't sound like they have planned that for you. ... (2 replies)
... Hi everyone... I'm rather new to all this adrenal stuff, although I've been dealing with thyroid problems for about three years now. I just started seeing a new doctor who suspects that I have adrenal insufficiency. ... (3 replies)
... adrenal insufficiency. 7.5mg is the max dose. Taking that much for over 4 weeks would tell your adrenals they don't have to work. Was the prednisone tapered at the end of the treatment? ... (8 replies)
... There is a cortisol test which is very thorough. I had it done last year as I was on too high a dose of hydrocortisone. I basically went into hospital for the day, they take a blood test to measure the level of cortisol in your body first thing in the morning. ... (45 replies)
... effects. When people take these types of medications for other medical conditions, there ARE side effects because their dose is NOT a REPLACEMENT dose. ... (8 replies)
... I was hoping someone else would have some input for you. Seems most just read. ... (11 replies)
... like the flu for example if you have Addison's Disease you tend to have it for longer than a healthy person and you have to take extra steroids and then gradually get back to your normal dose once you are recovered. ... (45 replies)
... My DD suffered an adrenal downturn several yrs. ago during a bad case of postviral CFS. Her reg. doc ordered an a.m. ... (5 replies)
... I never increase for more than 3 days so don't see a difference when back to normal dose. I have to be pretty sick to do a 3 day increase. ... (11 replies)
... have been on 5mg prednisone or 20mg hydrocortisone for a long time. ... (3 replies)
... This is just an example, not a recommendation, as you will need to work with your Dr on that. The other drug for salt, potassium and water balance is crucial if your electrolyes are off. ... (3 replies)
... I've never understood why they give prednisone for adrenal insufficiency instead of Cortef (hydrocortisone) anyway. The risks (side effects) are so much greater with the prednisone. Look it up! I'm glad you're doing better. I only take 15 mg of Cortef in the AM and 5 in the PM, but I only weigh a shade over 100 pounds. They originally started me on 30 mg in the AM and 15... (5 replies)
... tos thyroiditis and diabetes mellitus. Some of my specialty docs I will be seeing in the next few months. Had doctors at the hospital and assisted living place for a few months. Bones are healing. No surgery required. ... (2 replies)
... Yeah I had the saliva test and 24 hour urine test for cortisol testing. I was started on the hydrocortisone straight away and immediately felt 'normal', but as everyone here learned you have to adjust your dose. ... (19 replies)

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