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Looking for help
Oct 1, 2006
... then goes away in a week or two. Work with your doctor. I would guess you could taper your prednisone after being on Florinef for a bit. ... (9 replies)
... I am having an EXTREMELY difficult time trying to get my medication right. When I was first diagnosed 3 years ago, I started on Hydrocortisone and did relatively okay on this for the first two years. ... (1 replies)
... You are in the ultimate pickle that Addisonian patients get stuck in when they end up on prednisone without proper testing first. I am very frustrated for you about it. ... (2 replies)

Feb 20, 2004
... The endocrinologist I am seeing now has me on 5mg of prednisone 1 of fludrocortisone and 25 of dhea a day. And I take calcium citrate as a dietary supplement. There are different types of addisons. ... (9 replies)
... Currently I'm taking 25 mg of hydrocortisone divided into 3 dosed throughout the day, and then I take 1. ... (4 replies)
... I see two natural sources. One is OTC: Pregnenolone: From an endocrine functional definition glossery: Pregnenolone is a natural hormone made from cholesterol in the body. Pregnenolone is an intermediate in the synthesis of all steroid hormones. It is synthesized inside the mitochondria, the tiny "power plants" found in each cell. Pregnenolone is synthesized from... (18 replies)
... You have every reason to be concerned. Prednisone has a lot of side effects. While it has the ease of having once a day dosage, it does not give the body a break. ... (2 replies)
... forth several times from Hydrocortisone to prednisone. Since you were taking the max dose of prednisone it made you feel good. You are also taking the max dose of Hydrocortisone, but it doesn't last as long so splitting it helps. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Binks, You mentioned being on hydrocortisone for several years. Who has told you your adrenals are still working? ... (3 replies)
... alwaystired, The fillers are different in Hydrocortisone & Cortef. One is not better than the other. It is just a matter of which one you do better on. I do best on Hydrocortisone or Prednisone, but know of many who take Cortef & do fine. We are all very different. When I have to increase for a cold or broncitis I use Prednisone. Sometimes use total Prednisone for... (20 replies)
... mg of hydrocortisone is a tiny dose. Well below full replacement and very low for even a mild deficiency. ... (4 replies)
... are Decadron or Prednisone. The literature I've read claims that hydrocortisone is the drug of choice. ... (9 replies)
... fine without taking 5 mg at 8 pm like I did for 12 years. You have to do what works best for you, but what I do is very normal for an Addisonian. I used to take Prednisone for my morning dose because, like you say, it has a longer shelf life. That worked out fine for me. ... (3 replies)
... call endo actually called and put me on 20 mg hydrocortisone morning and 10 mg at night, but my personal endo called back a week later to say that dose was too high and to cut it in half. ... (2 replies)
... done well on it when I've tried it over the years for different things. It's like I trade a half a dozen problems for a half a dozen new ones. The Kenelog and hydrocortisone feel perfect to me with no obvious side effects. ... (5 replies)
... HI I'v had Addisons Disease since i was 17, sorry i have no idea about Anabolic Steroids but hope i can help with the cortisol I take 50mg a day and know all about weight issue. The cortisal is really just doing what your body should do. I cant help but think if your not taking the correct amount of cortisol you adding pressure to your body and add to that the anabolic... (5 replies)
... When I was little I was very fat from the hydrocortisone that made me hungry all the time. I was picked on, beat up and... you get the picture. So the trauma is embedded deep. ... (5 replies)
... please do not try and go on prednisone it is four times stronger with lots more side effects than hydrocort. im trying to get back to hydrocort because did not have joint pain on this. ... (5 replies)
... Addison's a year ago, and I am also trying to get my meds balanced. I do think I'm fairing a bit better, though. My experience has always been that if I took my hydrocortisone too late, that's what kept me awake. I also need Fludrocortisone to keep me feeling well. ... (4 replies)
... that is, how long approximately they will last. Short will go into effect quickly and are hydrocortisone and medrol, medium are like prednisone. ... (7 replies)

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