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... and naturopathic sites wanting to sell me supplements for hypoadrenia but nothing I can hang my hat on. ... (11 replies)
... I have been suffering with the symptoms of hypoadrenia for over three years and I feel so relieved to finally know what's wrong! ....although I guessed this. ... (11 replies)
May 29, 2006
... I'm assuming that what i have is hypoadrenia as my cortisol was tested last fall by an endo in Toronto and he said it came out normal. ... (0 replies)

... Thank you so much. You clarified a lot. So, did you get tremors before taking the pills? The endocrine doctor was baffled about why I get tremmors. Its too bad you have to go through this so young. I am 26 and brought this uppon myself by taking ecstasy. I made my bed and now I have to lay in it. Shame on me ruining my health while people suffer their whole lives and don't... (7 replies)
... Is anyone else having difficulty gaining weight?? I'm wondering if there is something else wrong with me because I'm extremely underweight... I eat all of the time (can't skip meals due to hypoglycemia & hypoadrenia) and I try to eat well; plenty of protein, good fats, good carbs- this can be the tricky part because I have to do gluten-free, but I eat lots of carbs... in... (1 replies)
... Hi Cloud2, It's a Canadian brand (made in Alberta, Canada) OTC called Adrenal and it's from the porcine adrenal gland. You can buy ovine adrenal glandular too which is from New Zealand, but it is more expensive. The porcine has worked out well for me. I would imagine you can find similar glandulars in the US. Each capsule is 250 mg. I began taking them in Oct. 2005 after... (4 replies)
... Pretty much the same with me, with hypoadrenia, hypothyroid and still having trouble sleeping through the night, despite being minimally-managed with meds. Drop right off to sleep and sleep soundly for about 5 hours, then fitfully starting early to mid-morning. I'm taking cortisol morning plus a touch at noon, thyroid morning only, and have replaced fludrocortisone with... (4 replies)
... Hi there- i feel like i know just where you are coming from- i was so anxious last year- due to having to travel- that i am certain i used up my last supply of adrenal supplies....have had awful anxiety and panic attacks and i feel that lastyears events were the final straw. In Nov things became awful with weakness, low blood sugars, can't cope with any stress, tingling and... (11 replies)
... Well then, that explains why there is less on adrenal exhaustion on this board than I was hoping for - and that makes sense, I think. Let's identify this disorder, for purposes of this post, as secondary hypoadrenia, in which full recovery is possible. Because adrenal exhaustion is a fairly common secondary condition to hypothyroidism, you will find some information, though... (7 replies)
... From what I've read, you should have plenty of the right vitamins (a good multi) and avoid high carb, large meals. It is best to eat plenty of fruits and veggies and make sure you are getting your amino acids and fatty acids. Hope this helps. Mostly avoid caffeine, sugar and high carb foods for a more stable blood sugar, etc. Best of health to you! ~ :wave: Tracy (11 replies)
... what foods are recommended to assist in recovering from adrenal fatigue? what foods/ substances should one avoid? (11 replies)
... Hi, Sorry I didn't remember to look back to all my messages! Just saw this reply! I hope you will find a way to help your daughter get well soon! No, Trav has not gained weight. He is skinny by nature, and has not grown since he turned 14, and started with these current issues. His appetite is not very good, and he has gained no weight on the Cortef, but is only on 5... (11 replies)
... My daughter was also on anti depressants for 3 years, and has her days and nights mixed up still. She was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, not Adrenal Failure. Her Endocrinologist (holistic) placed her on many supplements, plus DHEA, which she could not tolerate. She became very hyper on it. He then put her on Cortisol (5 mg.) morning and nighttime. Her original symptoms... (11 replies)
... I will post a message to one very educated mother who DID help her daughter back to adrenal optimum functioning by self medicating or with health supplements. Don't know the details anymore. But she seems well grounded and very well studied. I'll ask her if she will look on here and answer your post to give you a bit more hope and some details that may be helpful! ~ Trace (11 replies)
... Keraly, My doctor is also fairly progressive and she seems to have become very convinced by what James Wilson says in his book. She's got me started on just the supplements at the moment (various vitamins and somthing with the ingredients of "a proprietary blend containing adrenal, gonadal, hypothalmus, pituitary and thyroid concentrates from porcine source" and if I'm... (11 replies)
... Dear Catherine, Thanks for explaining your circumstance and views! I am also leary of the steroids, because I'm told that they can sometimes turn off the adrenal glands and cause adrenal failure! But we are a bit desperate to help our son, since he has been ill since November, 2003, and is missing a lot of what a teen should not miss out on. So I have cut the dose in... (11 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue. I see an MD who is also a homeopathic doctor. She suggested that I take some basic supplements first (a good whole foods multi-vitamin, B-complex, fish oil, etc) because my diet has been so bad for so long. We are hoping that adding the proper nutrition to my diet (and changing what I eat to reflect healthy habits) will go a... (11 replies)
... Hi! The one thing I've read that somewhat explains adrenal fatigue's being underdiagnosed by mainstream doctors is that in the past it USED to be diagnosed and treated, but they used large doses of steroids, which were more harmful than helpful, so they became afraid to fool with anything but actual adrenal failure. This is dubious, but what I've read which COULD be a... (11 replies)
... what are some of the side effects? i've heard weight gain, moon face, bone loss. but i want to hear it from the people who have actually taken the drug and who have diagnosed hypoadrenia/severe adrenal exhaustion. my docs are very close to diagnosing me with it and prescribing cortef to go with my florinef. my ACTH stim test did not double and my morning cortisol was 16... (4 replies)

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